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Amanda Bynes Tweets That She Has An Eating Disorder

Amanda Bynes, oh dear. We’re all starting to worry about you. What’s going on? If you haven’t been keeping up, former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has been up to some weird behavior. Her latest is pretending that she has a twin. She’s also been serving up some empty threats to entertainment magazines saying that she’s going to sue them.

Now she’s tweeting that she has an eating disorder while also tweeting that magazines lie about her and that we should only rely on her Twitter account for real photos.

I don’t deny that she has some kind of disorder and I’m starting to think she should get some help from someone, somewhere.

amanda bynes tweetsSmart move though to tweet that we should only rely on her Twitter account for photos and the real news. Her Twitter following is rapidly increasing. Clever girl.

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