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Justin Timberlake Dedicates the ‘Mirrors’ Video to His Grandparents

If you love old people, flashbacks to their happier, younger years, young people in grey wings and spandex dancing provocatively and Justin Timberlake in a wool pea coat, then you’re in luck! His new video for ‘Mirrors’ is out and, being dedicated to his grandparents, spends the majority of its eight minute runtime moving back and forth between the past and present of an older couple’s relationship as they reflect on the many years of their relationship. Hurrah! Then, once the breakdown comes, Justin himself turns up in front of some funhouse mirrors and a girl with a grey wig, stockings and not much else starts twirling and gyrating all ’round. Well, okay!

‘Mirrors’ is one of the only radio-friendly tracks on Justin’s new album, The 20/20 Experience (which is still really good, after repeated listens) and the video is slightly bizarre and off-brand, if I may, but the song is good and grandparents are sweeties, so I’ll go with it.

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