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Justin Timberlake Dropped a New Track After the Grammys

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Justin Timberlake gave a pretty solid performance at the Grammys last night, but that’s not all. After the festivities were done, he dropped another track from his upcoming comeback album, The 20/20 Experience, for the thirsty ass females who have been desperate for new JT music since he starred in The Social Network and decided to concentrate on his “acting”.

I’m not sure if ‘Mirror’ is better, worse or on the same level as ‘Suit & Tie’, but have a listen below:

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  • The lyrics are pretty cheesy BUT I love it anyway. Classic JT. I think it’s better than Suit & Tie which is starting to grow on me.

  • It sound a lot like what Robin Thicke or Michael Buble would sing which I just love both off them I’m having a hard time hearing Justin sing that style of music ! Hopefully it will grow on me because I like that style and I like JT ! We need more of that old time feel of music :) Justin even said he wanted it to be like the feel of the rat pack days . I guess it just a different style for him !