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Madonna Is Now On Instagram, Just Like My Mom!

madonna instagram photo

Madonna joined Instagram, as did my mom a 5 mere days ago! Gosh! If you’re one of the 3 people not familiar with Instagram, Instagram is a photo sharing app that’s like Twitter but with photos instead of text. I’m just wondering how her team managed to get the “Madonna” username, but I’m guessing it involved quite a few strong words and salty language!

As of now, all 3 photos Madge posted appear to be self portraits, her face obscured in all of them. In the above photo, she’s being “cheeky” (that’s what British people say, JUST like Madonna!) by tying tassels of her hat into a mustache; in another photo her face is hidden by a martini glass that she’s sipping from. And in the other there’s no face at all, just a healthy boob and neck shot with the caption, “Addicted to sweat.” Eewww.

So far Queen M has over 65k followers but I expect that to hit 100k by the end of the day, easily. However, Madonna isn’t as big a star as she used to be, and I’m wondering if she’ll even break the top 10 most followed Instagram accounts. Lady Gaga (because we just can’t mention one without the other, can we?) has, as of now, over 788k followers. Almost all of her photos are clearly self taken portraits. It’s interesting how Instagram brings out the MySpace side in all of us, isn’t it?

Will you follow Madonna? Which celeb do you want to see on Instagram next?

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  • She’s trying to step into the same role she played as a twenty something. As brilliant as it was in the 80’s, thirty years has passed and she is no longer the beautiful princess. She is now the evil queen. She does look like an evil queen with that martini glass, doesn’t she? It’s too bad that she isn’t re-inventing herself instead of regurgitating the same worn out hope-to-shock-and-dominate-your-attention act. Yawn.