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Madonna ate it at the BRIT Awards – Yikes!


Tonight was the BRIT Awards over in London – think of the Grammys, but slightly (only very slightly) less awkward. Taylor Swift performed, Kanye West performed, even Madonna performed… and promptly ate it when her dancers yanked her backwards down the stairs. Uh oh… someone’s getting fired!

Thankfully, someone was around to take a Vine:

Enjoy this visual for years to come, because it’s so, so good.  What the hell happened here? I mean, potential problems like this are usually what dress rehearsals are for, but… who knows.

Madonna wants the word police to “f*ck off”


Madonna lets a lot of reckless shit come out of her mouth. She uses words she’s not supposed to (lest we forget her referring to her white son as “#disnigga” on Instagram), uses the likes of Nelson Mandela to promote her shitty new album, over-utilizes the word “bitch”… I mean, that last one is not as much offensive as it is stupid. Anyway, Madonna may be a hot mess, but it’s not your place to tell her what she can and can’t say. Like, for real. In fact, she wants the “word police” to “fuck off”. Huh.

From Billboard:

On the album, you use the word “bitch” a lot (“Bitch I’m Madonna,” “Unapologetic Bitch”), which some bloggers have suggested should be banned.

I think that’s bullshit. The word police can f— off. I don’t want to be policed! I’m not interested in political correctness. The word “bitch” means a lot of different things. Everything is about context. When I first moved to England and heard the word “c–t,” I was horrified. People were calling each other c–ts! And then I realized that, in that culture, it was different — they slapped each other on the back and said, “Who’s the c–t, right, you’re my best mate!” The word “f—” doesn’t just mean sexual intercourse. I mean, “You’re a stupid f—,” “Are you going to f— with me?” “F– off!” (Laughs.) Sex has nothing to do with any of those expressions, and the same goes for “bitch.” If I say to you, “I’m a badass bitch,” I’m owning myself, I’m saying, “I’m strong, I’m tough, and don’t mess with me.” If I say, “Why are you being such a bitch to me?,” well, that means something else.

I mean… what is she even talking about? I love that she’s suddenly on her British shit now, which has exactly zero to do with anything, to distract from the issue at hand. I mean, I get her point, to be fair – if Madonna wants to say “bitch” every other word and make it desperately obvious that she’s old and out of touch (I mean “old” in the figurative term, like not with the times, not age – I know some amazing old people), then fair play. Knock yourself out. But I really love when people use the “free speech” and “context” bullshit to avoid taking responsibility for their nonsense. BYE, MADONNA.

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What Do We Think Of Madonna’s Video, “Living for Love”?


Madonna is pulling out all the stops for her latest album, like flirting with Drake on Instagram and pissing people off with the album cover, but now there’s a video out and I think it’s damn time we let the work speak for itself, because when Madonna speaks for the work, shit gets messy.

SO here’s the video for “Living for Love” from her official Vevo page. Basically she’s running around dressed as Matador while her voice sounds like it’s been filtered through a Pac Man machine. Seriously, what’s with all the bullshit they did to her voice? She barely sounds human anymore. Gotta say though, her bod is still amazing, and will forever be amazing. I just wish that the song was better. For me right now, pop music is all Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and while I adore them in their own ways, I kind of wish Madge would just swoop in and reclaim her throne…but it’s just not gonna happen with stuff like this.

But what do you think? Here’s the video, and if you don’t feel like watching it, I’ve included some stills for you to peruse through. Enjoy!



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Madonna and Drake are flirting on Instagram and it’s creepy

drake madonna insta

Madonna is still desperately trying to be “down with the kids”, so she’s pulling out all the stops. She released her latest video via SnapChat, of all fucking things, and now she’s renting rappers to appear on her songs in hopes of making anyone, of any age, want to listen to them. (Seriously – have you HEARD the new album? It’s absolutely awful.)

With that in mind, I suppose it’s not all that surprising to see that Madonna decided to get her flirt on with Drake via Instagram. Even more bizarre is the fact that Drake is the one that initiated this, writing “I wanna ride with you”. What followed was a bizarre exchange that I just do not understand.

drake madonna

Help me understand. Please.

Apparently Madonna hired Drake to rap in the final part of “Best Night”, one of the “highly sexual” tracks on Rebel Heart. Make it stop.

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Madonna should probably stop now


Madonna is basically going nuts to promote her new album, Rebel Heart, and one of the things she’s doing for some reason is posting a bunch of pictures of celebrities with badly drawn black lines across their faces with the hashtag #rebelheart. I think this is meant to represent that the people in the photos go their own way and fight for what’s new and unique. She’s featured Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, herself, yada yada… but then, being Madonna, she had to go and take it to a whole new inappropriate and embarrassing level:

This ??#rebelheart had a dream!

Een foto die is geplaatst door Madonna (@madonna) op

This??#rebelheart fought for freedom!

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

This??#rebelheart sang about ONE LOVE!

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Oh, Madonna. So tacky. So unbelievably tacky. I mean, the whole campaign is, to be honest, but this just takes it to a whole new level. Something tells me Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. would have bigger fish to fry than promoting a shitty pop album. It’s officially time to stop now, Madge.

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Madonna wasn’t Photoshopped in her Versace campaign

madonna versace

Photoshopping is pretty much par for the course when it comes to celebrities and professional photoshoots (hell, and even Instagram selfies), so I don’t think anyone would be shocked or surprised to hear that Madonna was Photoshopped for her new Versace campaign, right? Well, here’s some news: she wasn’t, actually. According to Donatella Versace, Madonna is au naturel and there was no retouching needed… unlike SOMEONE ELSE we could mention, cough cough.

“With Lady Gaga [it] was a bit more complicated,” Donatella Versace told Italian paper Corriere Della Sera over the weekend. “She focuses on transformation and charisma and risks for this, always. So the final approval of the photo was a melee. But Madonna, absolutely not. I did believe that there were only the set and the filters and the rest. Then, she did everything in the studio in New York.” (Translated from Italian)

There wasn’t even Photoshop, Versace claims.

“She did not have her abdomen or arms retouched,” she said. As for artistic direction? “I told her: You don’t have to be only sexy. I want you like I know you: a vulnerable person who is afraid, who suffers from loneliness and yet is strong, determined, and fearless. In these photos, she is.”

She does look great – and Madonna IS amazing… she just tries too damn hard. Of course, this campaign is a bit of an exception to that – it’s natural, she looks amazing and confident and not like she’s desperate to be 18 again. That’s the BEST look for her.

madonna versace

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Madonna “living in a state of terror” over album leak


Sometimes you just can’t with Madonna, right? Like, total legend, will be bumpin’ The Immaculate Collection until the day I die, etc, but like… really? Some of the shit that comes out of her mouth is so surprisingly ignorant – especially coming from someone who’s made it a point to be so socially conscious in every area throughout her career (and yes, purposely provocative, as well). That’s why people went nutterbees when she started comparing having her album leaked to being raped and calling the hackers terrorists and shit – there is not really comparing an artist having your album ending up online before its release date to, you know, actual rape and acts of terror.

She tried to explain herself a bit better in a new interview with The Guardian this week, but it didn’t go over all that well:

“Obviously there is a person, or a group of people behind this that were essentially terrorising me. I don’t want to sound alarming, but certainly that’s how I felt. It’s one thing if someone comes into your house and steals a painting off your wall: that’s also a violation, but, your work, as an artist, that’s devastating.

“I’m an artistic person, I’m very expressive. I’m sorry if words alarm people, but that’s what it felt like. It was not a consensual agreement. I did not say ‘hey, here’s my music, and it’s finished.’ It was theft.”

Yes, it was theft. That’s all it was. Not rape, not terrorist activity, just theft. And that’s serious in and of itself, but let’s not get shit confused.

Madge also has some thoughts on the Illuminati – to the point that she actually has a track called ‘Illuminati’, all about it. Let us be enlightened by Madonna’s high spiritual lessons:

“There’s a lot of talk in pop music right now about people saying, ‘Oh, this person’s a member of the Illuminati,’ or they’re Illuminati, or you’re Illuminati, and people’s idea that there’s a group of entertainers or very wealthy people, they’re referred to as the Illuminati, and they work behind the scenes and they control things and they’re very powerful, and there’s possibly a reference to something dark, or black magic, or something like that. And I have to say I laugh at all of those things.

“I think there are some people who don’t mind being referred to as that, but I know who the real Illuminati are, and where that word came from. The root of the word is “illuminate”, and that means “The enlightened ones”, and it came from the Age of Enlightenment, when a lot of arts and creativity flourished, from Shakespeare to Isaac Newton, to Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo: the philosophers, artists, scientists were all engaged in a kind of high level of consciousness through their work, and they were enlightening and inspiring people around the world. And those are the true Illuminati. So the purpose for writing that song was really in a way, ‘So, if you think I’m the Illuminati, then thank you very much, a compliment, because I would like very much to be part of that group, the real Illuminati, and this is what it’s not’”.

LOL, okay, girl. I’m just going to let you rock with that one because there’s no talking logic with someone who feels the need to turn crazy people conspiracy theories on the internet into real life drama is beyond help. By the way, the album – from what I’ve listened to so far, is embarrassing as hell. Please have a listen to ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’ (yes, real song title) and try to tell me I’m wrong.

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