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WTF Of The Day: Madonna Pulls 17-Year-Old Girl’s Shirt Down During Australian Gig


Well, if Madonna hadn’t already lost her damn mind, she certainly has now. While performing in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday, she called some fans on stage. One of those fans was 17-year-old Josephine Georgiou, who was wearing a corset top, had that very top pulled down by Madonna herself for pretty much no reason other than that Madonna felt like it. Josephine’s boob was then on display for all to see, and a lot of people seriously aren’t happy about it (and word is that Madonna could possibly face charges since technically, Josephine is not of age, though who knows if that’s true).

Josephine doesn’t feel that way, however, and neither does her mother. In fact, her mom is “proud” that Madonna spanked her daughter (something she posted about on Facebook, for fuck’s sake) and while she had no idea her daughter’s breasts would be exposed, she’s not all that bothered.

When questioned by The Project if she knew what was going to happen onstage, Ms Georgiou said she was told she would get up, dance with Madonna, that Madonna would spank her, they would walk down the runway together, flip off the audience together and the she would go crazy and do her own thing.

As for how Josephine felt?

‘Ah it was nothing. It was so nothing. It was just a funny little slip-up, that was it. If anything it was a bonding moment with Madonna,’ she said.

‘It was so nothing to me. And then like this morning at work, my phone was blowing up. I was like, what is happening?

‘It’s ridiculous to me it’s like, it’s such a big deal right now.’

Yikes. I mean, is it the end of the world? No, but that’s not the point. Madonna is a hot ass mess and this is NOT okay. If this was a male entertainer, there would be way more uproar, don’t you think???

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