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Jessica Chastain Joins Madonna On Stage In Prague

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Lately, it seems like Madonna has been trying to rip pages from Taylor Swift‘s book with all the celebrity cameos on her Rebel Heart tour. Last month, it was Katy Perry who joined her on stage for one of the most awkward appearances of all time. On Saturday, it was Jessica Chastain who hit up Madonna‘s Prague concert and even spanked the singer on film, much to her excitement.

Jessica herself shared a fan-made video to her Facebook page, captioning the below with “I gave Madonna a spanking & Ive a video to prove it. ?#?rebelheart??#?unapologeticbitch?“. Hey, I guess whatever excites you, and I love Jessica Chastain and think she’s great, so I can’t hate on this too much… even though Madonna needs to seriously stop now with the bullshit.

I guess it’s also pretty cute that even celebrities still get star struck with each other. After all, Madonna was a legend in her time (and still is, if she’d stop trying to dismantle that legacy with the bullshit) and Jessica probably grew up listening to her and idolizing her, so this was probably a huge thrill. She certainly seemed over the moon about it! Here are 2 other photos she posted:

The moment right before @madonna handed me a banana. The fkn QUEEN. #rebelheart #unapologeticbitch

A photo posted by Jessica Chastain (@chastainiac) on

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