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Zooey Deschanel Converted To Judaism For Her New Husband

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If one thing is clear by now, it’s that money can’t buy common sense. Zooey Deschanel, who started dating Jacob Pechenik in late 2014, got pregnant by him a few months later, and then married him around the time the kid was born, is taking her bizarrely naive levels of commitment to new heights by converting to Judaism for her new husband. I did know that Deschanel has never been particularly religious — it’s not something she’s ever discussed publicly, at least — but she’s down with the Torah now.

From US Weekly:

In the past, the New Girl actress has declined to identify with any particular faith. “I don’t attach myself to any one religion,” Deschanel, whose mom is Roman Catholic and father is Quaker, has said. “My family is liberal. I was raised in the ‘you can be whatever you want’ kind of way. And in the end, I was like, ‘Eh.’”

But before marrying producer Pechenik in June, the 35-year-old mother of Elsie, 3 months, professed a new set of beliefs. “Zooey con­verted to Judaism for Jacob,” an insider reveals to Us.

And her new life has been divine. Adds a source close to the couple, “They’re loving the baby and marriage!”

I suppose this means they’ll be raising little Elsie Otter (“They hold hands while they sleep!”) in the Jewish faith, and hey, if that’s what works for them, why not? However, this is all going to be a bit of a shambles when their inevitable divorce is announced in a year or so (though I suppose she can just sort of forget that it ever happened and not practice).

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  • Technically if the mother isn’t Jewish the kid isn’t Jewish (I’m half Jew but not from mom), so no bar mitzvah etc. unless I agreed to be baptized . So she probably did it so the kid could have all those things.

    • There isn’t such thing as half Jewish. If your mother is Jewish, you’re Jewish. That’s it there is no half in Judaism.

      • JJ I tell you again there isn’t such thing as half Jew. You are or you are not, and anybody who says otherwise doesn’t know about Jewish law. That’s a fact.

        I won’t call him a liar because probably he is ignorant about the subject. I don’t know about some song, but I know what the Jewish law says :) I used to be religious and I studied in three Yeshivot (academies of Jewish studies in Hebrew). My teachers wanted me to continue my studies and became a Rabbi but that wasn’t a life for me.

      • WOW I was just joking about a “funny” ( opinions may vary) song Sandler sings about Jews in Hollywood including “1/2” Jews. I bow to you knowledge of the Jewish culture.

  • it’s that money can’t buy common sense- Taking her bizarrely naive levels of commitment to new heights by converting to Judaism for her new husband–What is this??? I’m sure she made an informed decision and decided to be a leader not a follower! The whole article is so negative!

  • I’m Jewish. My husband converted for me. I fail to see how this act displayed any lack of common sense on his part. Your anti-Semitism is despicable.

    • Uhhh… it literally has nothing to do with the fact that she converted to Judaism. I’d have said the same had she converted to Islam or even Catholicism. I think the lack of common sense is in changing your entire core belief systems for another person, particularly if it’s a shotgun wedding.

    • He was clearly speaking about significant changes in a fairly new relationship that probably isn’t going to last. It has nothing to do with him being anti-Semitic.

  • Jewish is not a race. You cannot be half-Jewish. Either you practice Judaism and you are Jewish, or you do not and you are not Jewish.