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Gavin Rossdale Thinks Gwen Stefani Was Cheating On Him With Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have only just gone public with their new relationship, but there’s someone ready to call foul: Gwen’s soon-to-be ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, who thinks the timing of this love affair is more than a little off. While it’s been suggested that Gwen suspected Gavin of cheating, turns out, it could be the other way around.

From TMZ:

We’re told Gavin believes Gwen was painting him as a bad guy for cover … he thinks she was worried he’d take her to the cleaners if he found out she had already hooked up with Blake.

And our sources say Gavin’s gripes go beyond Blake. He can’t believe she’s calling him a control freak, because she demanded he NOT go on tour out of paranoia he’d cheat on her. He says she browbeat him into staying home, which greatly impeded his ability to make money. As one source said, “She just didn’t let him work.”

And finally, we’re told he’s indignant she recorded a “woe is me” song, “Used to Love You,” in which she cries, “Nobody taught you how to love.” We’re told Gavin’s scoffing at the lyrics, saying he was good enough for her for a long time.

This is messy as hell! Is there a chance Gwen was the one doing the cheating on Gavin? I don’t know about that, but either way, they need to calm it down. They have kids, and that’s the last thing the kids need to hear about.

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  • Is it not possible they were both cheating?
    Oh, and poor Gavin can’t “work”! Who the fuck wants to see him perform? Zero people (if you were wondering)