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A Real Lohan Holiday

photo of lindsay lohan and her family for christmas 2012 pictures no michael pic
Oh guys. Just when we thought ‘Lohan Holiday’ was a thing of the past, we were treated to this extra-special photo of Lindsay and all of the Lohans, minus one adult Michael Lohan.

As you can see, Lindsay Lohan spent Christmas with her mother, Dina Lohan, her brothers (Michael Jr. and Cody) and sister (Ali), and what’s that I see? Did Lindsay get her old teeth back for Christmas? Because it sure looks like Lindsay got her old teeth back for Christmas. How fun.

In case you didn’t happen to know the who’s who of the Lohan family, I’ve got it on lockdown for you: from left to right—Ali Lohan, Cody Lohan, Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, Grandma Not-Lohan, and last, but not least, Michael Lohan Jr.

Isn’t this just a gem of a photo, guys?

Image courtesy of TMZ

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  • I do not understand how Ali is a model, she is not attractive in my opinion. Then again I find a large portion of models average looking or not that attractive so maybe it’s just me.

  • I know they sold this pic to TMZ to get money but it’s a big I don’t care much for this family and would they like to see my Christmas family picture, thought not.

  • Ali is a very good model. She’s moody and tough looking with a lot of attitude. Don’t knock her until you’ve seen her recent work.