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Watch Dina Lohan Give The Drunkest Interview Ever

When our friends at Celebitchy posted this video and said that Dina Lohan was “completely wasted,” I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical. I mean, of course it’s not a stretch to think that Dina Lohan could be wasted at all, ever, in any situation, but I didn’t think that Dina would get that drunk for an interview with Dr. Phil.

Was I wrong? Boy, was I ever.

Just look at that blatant display of drunkeness, with such strong hints of not giving a f-ck. Is this how she copes with the knowledge that she’s released Lindsay into this world, or is her zany behavior part of why Lindsay is the lovable trainwreck that she is? Do you think she realizes that she just made Michael Lohan look like the most stable Lohan? Why have I never watched Dr. Phil before, if he’s such a sassy bastard?

I hope at least some of these questions will be addressed during the interview, which airs on Monday. Even if they don’t, how could you resist an hour of this?

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