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Did You Watch Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil Yesterday?

A photo of Dina Lohan

I didn’t, because I had to go to the dentist and beg him to cut this stupid wisdom tooth out of my head (he didn’t), and I’m incredibly disappointed. But I have read the quotes and watched the clips, and I think it’s safe to say that she was the trainwreck we all expected she would be.

Let’s see, there was the time that Dina was telling Dr. Phil about the time that crazy ol’ Michael Lohan broke into her house, but she couldn’t call the police because “cell phones weren’t as inept as they are now so I didn’t really have that.” It seems like Dr. Phil let that one go for a while, but before the interview was over, he let her know that “that word doesn’t fit in that sentence.”

At one point, Dr. Phil called Dina “phony and inauthentic,” which is when she chose to flip everyone off, and then when Dr. Phil showed a list of the crimes that Lindsay’s gotten in trouble for, and Dina told him that if they were in New York, “five of them would be obsolete,” to which Dr. Phil was basically just like “whatever.”

Oh, and there was this other time that Dina complimented Dr. Phil’s shoes, and then requested a friendly fist bump, saying “can we pound that?” Her request was denied.

Now let’s watch a few clips I found:

I think I’m going to revoke my previous “drunk” guess and change it to something else. Probably pills or just regular old crazy. What about you guys?

Watch Dina Lohan Give The Drunkest Interview Ever

When our friends at Celebitchy posted this video and said that Dina Lohan was “completely wasted,” I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical. I mean, of course it’s not a stretch to think that Dina Lohan could be wasted at all, ever, in any situation, but I didn’t think that Dina would get that drunk for an interview with Dr. Phil.

Was I wrong? Boy, was I ever.

Just look at that blatant display of drunkeness, with such strong hints of not giving a f-ck. Is this how she copes with the knowledge that she’s released Lindsay into this world, or is her zany behavior part of why Lindsay is the lovable trainwreck that she is? Do you think she realizes that she just made Michael Lohan look like the most stable Lohan? Why have I never watched Dr. Phil before, if he’s such a sassy bastard?

I hope at least some of these questions will be addressed during the interview, which airs on Monday. Even if they don’t, how could you resist an hour of this?

Everyone Hates Dr. Phil Now


Everything Britney Spears touches turns to shit. Except for Kevin Federline, who apparently turns into Father of the Year.


Dr. Phil is trying to book celebs for his 1000th episode show, but, after the Britney insanity, no one wants to touch him with a 10-foot pole.

“Nobody good wants to go near it,” says a source familiar with the booking process.

Ouch! See what happens when you try to help Britney Spears? Nothing good, people!