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Is Kristen Stewart Moving On With James Franco?

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From Radar Online:

The Hollywood A-list pair enjoyed a tete a tete after a chance meeting at the Toronto Film Festival last week, and to say the actor was enamored with Robert Pattinson’s ex would be an understatement, is exclusively reporting.

In fact, the hunky 127 Hours star was “smitten” with the Twilight star and tried to set up a dinner date. He was shot down, a source tells Radar, but not undeterred, spurred on to try and arrange a romantic rendezvous when back on home ground.

“Kristen and James bumped into each other at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto during the film festival and were engaged in conversation for 20 minutes,” a source revealed.

“There was a lot of flirting and Kristen was overjoyed by the attention she was getting from James, who was gushing over her, saying what a great actress he thinks she is and was full of praise for her latest movie, On the Road.

“She seemed at ease in his company, and he was certainly making her laugh. She was wearing a huge grin on her face.

“At the end of their chance meeting, James took Kristen’s number and asked her out for dinner.

“Kristen initially said no, but is mulling over the idea. She knows she has to move on now following her break up with Rob.

“James definitely wants to see Kristen again, and there’s nothing better for a heartbroken girl than to be admired by a handsome man,” the source said.

I don’t know why I actually maybe kind of love this, but it probably has something to do with the character that James played in the film adaption of Eat, Pray, Love, not to mention the fact that Kristen’s just wild about Eat, Pray, Love. Oh! AND James has voiced his admiration of Kristen Stewart in the past. Lock, stock, and barrel. If Kristen doesn’t get back together with Rob (which I so, so hope happens), then I’m voting for James Franco, even if he is a pretentious little twat with a flaccid penis-colored lemon for a face.

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  • You know what I don’t get? She seems like a really awful person but all those people like her, some of whom I respect and/or adore a lot. So I’m guessing there’s a lot more to Kristen than meets the eye. It’s just so difficult to wrap my mind around that. I really want to hate her.

    • I think she has received loads of unfair press. “She doesn’t smile” isn’t a valid criticism. I don’t think I’d smile either if I had to do all those promo events I didn’t like. I like her because when she speaks about important issues like women’s rights and stuff, she knows what she is saying.

      • She gets paid millions to do promo events, it’s part of her job. She should suck it up and try acting like she not miserable all the time.

  • I hope that Robert and Kristen. Are or do get back together soon. I think they will, they maybe have already reconciled that would be great. If not go for it Kristen go out with James and have some fun, be happy again, that would be good for you this will show people that you have moved on with your life. I how do hope you and Robert get back together you two do make a good couple be happy what ever you choose to do, do what makes you happy Kristen thats all I want for you good luck and best wishes.

  • She probably never smiled because the ex-boyfriend was boring as hell. She needs to grow as a person. She looks vibrant right now. I never smile so i dont get why people are constantly copying off eachother using that excuse. Not everyone is going to be all giggles and flowers.

  • Did you see that look she gave that reporter at the Red Carpet event for her new movie? The reporter asked, “how are you doing right now?”…and she said “I’m good”…and gave the reporter a an annoyed glare and walked away. Good for her. Everyone in my business would make me crazy. I would probably resort to physical violence if I were followed around like she is. She talks to James for twenty minutes and she’s moving on with him? Please!