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Is It Time to Feel a Little Sorry for Tom Cruise Yet?

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Our friends at Bohomoth have brought up a pretty interesting point—that Tom Cruise isn’t exactly the mastermind of psychosis that we’ve come to know in the past decade, and that he’s just a puppet in the grand scheme of things, a gigantic, shiny, talking head for the Scientology cause.

From Bohomoth:

I’ve started to feel really sorry for him lately. He’s been floating around Europe looking ever skinnier and that worries me, because when Scientologists are going through heavy-duty auditing, they live on a diet of brown rice and beans and run on a treadmill for hours every day.

The rest of the time they sit around holding tin cans (I’m not making this up, they’re just all so brainwashed they are beyond thinking anything of it all by this time) and answering prying questions fired at them from an auditor.

He looks like a broken shadow of a man, doesn’t he? But not nearly as fragile as he would be IF he knew what was going on around him and in the big wide world.

Apparently, a prominent former high-ranking Scientologist tells Bohomoth, his internet is restricted, so Tom’s pretty much unaware of the raft of negative publicity currently drowning Scientology.

The control they have over him is that extensive.

Now several high-ranking Scientologists have left, (another two left just yesterday) they’re all supporting each other and all agree that the real villain is David Miscavige, not his PR puppet and prize winner of new recruits Cruise.

And, they agree that he’s pretty much holding and controlling Tom against his free will.

Many of them still practice Scientology as a religion described by L. Ron Hubbard, but want nothing to do with the cult as run by David Miscavige saying the abuse of basic and not so basic human rights have become insupportable.

And, they’re all openly telling Tom to let the scales fall from his eyes regarding to Miscavige and LEAVE Scientology and have been doing so for three years now.

Boho makes really, really good points, and the human rights-lover in me says that there’s probably a lot that’s spot-on with all of this weird Scientology-manipulation that’s going on. However, I don’t think Tom is as lily-white as some people do. No, because Tom Cruise has spent decades upon decades cultivating his “perfect” public image, and wouldn’t allow anything—even the Church of Scientology—to move in on that and taint it in any way. Remember Rob Lowe’s book? How he talked about how mechanically poised Tom was, even back in the eighties? Here’s an excerpt:

“He’s open, friendly, funny, and has an almost robotic, bloodless focus and an intensity that I’ve never encountered before.” In New York for the second round of auditions, Lowe finds that Cruise is “already showing traits that will make him famous; he’s zeroed in like a laser.” “We check into the Plaza Hotel. I am taken aback at the luxury and spectacle of the lobby…. The front desk tells us we will be sharing rooms,” Lowe writes of the actors’ arrival in the Big Apple. “In a flash, Cruise is on the phone to his agent, Paula Wagner. ‘Paula, they are making us share,’ he says…. The rest of us are staggering around like happy goofs….. ‘O.K., then. Thank you very much,’ he says like a 50-year-old businessman getting off the phone with his stockbroker. ‘Paula says it’s fine.’”

And you know what? I think that Tom probably has that same kind of obedience to anything that’s going to point him in the right direction and make him look “good” in the public’s perception. No, I think that everything Tom does, whether it’s prompted by the CoS or his PR team (undoubtedly appointed by the CoS) or even his own sense of what’s best, is calculated to the point of 99.999% accuracy in achieving admiration in one way or another.

I guess, in short, yeah. Maybe we should feel a little sorry for poor, “manipulated” Tom Cruise. But not that sorry.

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    • I feel like the point of this is to say that Tom is completely brainwashed and doesn’t even KNOW that this is weird and crazy. It’s a cult, and it’s not so easy to leave a cult, even if you WANT to.

      • Yes. They are mentally captive. It’s not as easy as saying “I’m leaving”. They are at their mercy. I bet they have done such a good brainwashing job he thinks nobody else wants him. His self-esteem must have hit rock bottom. That is how they keep you.

  • I never liked Tom Cruise, found him attractive, or understood his appeal. However these last few months, I’ve really started to feel sorry for him.

  • It’s a photography people ya he looks thin and zoned/stressed out Do I feel bad ya his marrage broke up and his daughter is no longer living with him. Who wouldn’t look like shit. As for the CoS maybe the reason he doesn’t “just leave” is because they know all his secrets and like Rob Lowe said he is all about focus and control and if/when he tries to leave .. bam he better be ready to come out of that closet because by the sounds of the way they (CoS) react to defector you know they are going to out him.

  • brainwashed? christians are the ones brain washed.they pray to a god that lives in the clouds that sometimes does favors for people.and that’s unconditional love consists of love me or burn. lmao

  • I think we should feel sorry for Katie, the people at sciencetoloy are very aggressive and Katie probally had no privacy. The way Tom left Nicole the saying is what goes around comes around. Im tried of hearing about both of them, Katie probally would like to get of the limelight and rise her daughter in private.