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But A Few People Looked OK at The Billboard Music Awards

A photo of Taylor Swift

Like Taylor Swift here. Taylor Swift looked ok at the Billboard Music Awards. In fact, I’d wager that she had the best look of the night, generally speaking. I really like her dress, and it obviously looks great on her.

Another lady who had a good look was Brandy, but to be honest, I can’t decide if I actually like her dress or if I just think she looks nice because I’ve always been envious of hair like that. Regardless, gold shoes!

A photo of Brandy

Next up is Jordin Sparks, who I’ve always thought was completely adorable, wearing a lovely little dress. This one is remarkable because it’s one of the only dresses I’ve ever seen on a red carpet that I would actually like to wear in real life:

A photo of Jordin Sparks

Then there’s one of our favorite ladies, Zooey Deschanel, going after my own heart in a sparkly dress and black tights:

A photo of Zooey Deschanel

But then we have my personal favorite dress, worn by the very fabulous Carrie Underwood:

A photo of Carrie Underwood

But which one was your favorite?

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  • Carrie Underwood just looks stunning. Taylor Swift looks very cool too but in a completely different way.

  • I don’t get why Taylor always has dishwater blonde hair. Get some sun into it, for godsakes.
    I love Brandy’s hair.

    • LOL I think it’s just like that! Maybe she should lighten it? Or get highlights, but her hair does look dirtier dirty blonde.

    • I know this isn’t important to the dress and will make me sound like a bad person, but I live in Nashville and I’ve seen and heard about Carrie Underwood’s interaction with fans. She’s extremely bitchy. I can understand not wanting to be bothered when you’re out in public, but she could be little nicer about it. Especially in the country music capital! You’re going to be acknowledge, and now she’s married to a Preds player. Two things they love here: Country music and the Preds.

      Taylor Swift, however, will stop what she’s doing to snap or picture, or kindly say she doesn’t have the time (something else I’ve witnessed). It’s so hard for me to like Carrie Underwood because of that even though she seems so sweet in interviews and stuff.