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Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood Locked Her Son In Her Car

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a fine celebrity, right? She’s all upstanding and shit, designing her own “activewear” — but even celebrities such as these make mistakes. She reminds me of a really pretty cat that you want to pet that won’t let you. You zone in your hand to pet its head, and it swats you away. And you’re like, “Bad! Bad Buttons!” And the cat is like, LOL TRY AGAIN BRO.

ANYWAY, what was the point? Oh right, Carrie Underwood locked her son (and dogs) in her car, and couldn’t get in, LOL. She had to break a window to get in. This, according to her Twitter:


Uhhh…IDK what the chances are, Carrie, but probably not very good? Like who honestly worries that their canines are looking to lock themselves in their car with your baby? Who does this really happen to? Yes, I’ve heard the tragic stories about parents forgetting their kid was in the car and leaving them, but this is a whole new level — you actually realized the kid was in the car, and couldn’t get him out? Because your dogs locked it? Are these super-smart dogs? Are they baby-genius level dogs? Or are you just really dumb?

I mean, I don’t know if you would consider this judging her parenting skills, but if you think that’s what I’m doing, then yeah, come at me, because I honestly don’t understand how the hell this could happen. Who does this??

That being said: parents, please share your misadventures of leaving your kids in places you shouldn’t and what happened. Because I am honestly curious as f-ck, and I won’t judge you, because you are Evil Beet readers, and not people on a Carrie Underwood level, and yeah, I guess that’s an insult To Ms. Underwood, and you know what? I don’t give a fig. The only REAL Ms. Underwood is Claire, you dig?

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Carrie Underwood is designing activewear now

carrie underwood

Once Carrie Underwood used up the last of American Idol’s fame juice to make herself a bonafide country star, she decided (read: her record label decided) it was time for her to slim down a little. Nevermind that she was never fat or anything close to it, but being in the public eye means gettin’ skinny, so Carrie hopped on a treadmill and went on a diet and now she’s super fit and beautiful – though again, she was beautiful before, anyway.

So successful was her slimdown that apparently Dick’s Sporting Goods (????) decided it’d be great to pair up with Carrie so she could design her own line of activewear called CALIA.

“It has been such a rewarding experience working with Dick’s Sporting Goods on all aspects of the design process for CALIA, from choosing fabrics to making sure the look, feel and fit is right for active women,” Underwood shared of the venture. “The inspiration for this line came from my desire to have clothes that seamlessly take me from workouts, to errands, to rehearsals and beyond.”

“As someone who is passionate about health and fitness, I’m excited to offer women a wardrobe that will move with them and encourage them to stay the path of leading an active lifestyle.”

I’m not really down with celebrity endorsements most of the time, but I think Carrie Underwood is adorable and that picture is tricking me into experiencing visions of glowing health and wellness and making me want to hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods. Sigh!

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Carrie Underwood is pregnant!

carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood has been married to husband Mike Fisher for a few years now, and she was starting to get asked a question Jennifer Aniston is rather tired of: When are you having babies? Well, the answer to that is NOW, because Carrie and Mike are expecting their first child together. She announced the news on Instagram on Monday with the above photo and the following caption:

In honor of “Labor” Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier…

Aw, isn’t that cute? I don’t know much about Carrie and don’t really follow her, but she’s always seemed really sweet (albeit a little misguided) and is obviously pleased with her pregnancy, so good for them. Hopefully it’s a healthy and happy one!

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Carrie Underwood Thinks You Need Jesus


Carrie Underwood thinks you need Jesus — that is, if you’re “mean”. She tweeted the night after her Sound of Music live NBC special aired (to mostly dismal reviews),

Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus. They will be in my prayers tonight… 1 Peter 2:1-25

Was she possibly responding to Kym Karath who played Gretl Von Trapp in the original film? Ms. Karath live-tweeted the show. Some highlights (lowlights?):

Mystified & disappointed so far by SOM special. So far only happy with Stephen Moyer.

Must admit some scenes are actually painful to watch .

Love Carrie Underwood but this role is just not right for her. She is lovely her voice is beautiful but acting is wrong.

Ms. Karath was later overwhelmed by the attention her tweets got. The tweets even landed her an interview on CNN. She tweeted the day after the remake aired,

To be clear I love Carrie Underwood. Just not as Maria. She was brave to take it on.And this doesn’t lessen my respect for her talent.

It’s more likely Carrie Underwood was tweeting at “haters” than Gretl herself. But who knows? Maybe she doesn’t handle any kind of criticism very well, though you’d think she’d have learned after dealing with Simon Cowell while she was on American Idol.

I love that there’s Sound of Music drama. What year is it? Also, who watched this and what did you think?

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Carrie Underwood’s Fame Gave Her Anxiety Attacks

carrie underwood

I really like Carrie Underwood. There’s no real rhyme or reason to that, but I do. A couple of her songs are damn good (‘Blown Away’ is my shit!) but I’ve never listened to a full album and I haven’t exactly kept up on her career, I just think she seems nice. I dunno, don’t ask me. Anyway, turns out her massive success following her American Idol win hasn’t all been positive – in fact, it caused major anxiety attacks for her for a very long time.

From Marie Claire (via US Weekly):

“At the beginning of my career, I used to have panic attacks. People were touching me, screaming ­– it made me really nervous. In public, I just get nervous. It’s a physical reaction, feeling like the walls are closing in,” she explains.

“The fans are great. It’s not their fault. I don’t ever want to come across as ungrateful. But on my end, it is hard for me to process. Because I am still just me.”

I get anxiety when a stranger emails me, so I kind of can’t imagine having millions of people in my face 24/7. It would not be a good thing, that’s for sure. It seems like she’s got things a  bit more under control now, which is good… though she does have a bit of an interpersonal problem.

“I’m not a mushy person at all. We were never a huggy family. Or a ‘let’s talk it out’ family. Technically I have siblings, but they are quite a bit older than me. I was the accident, so I have the only-child syndrome going on,” Underwood admits. “I’m a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better. But hey, I mean, I’m not a sociopath.”

Well, that’s a relief.

Carrie Underwood Never Got the Memo That She’s Feuding With Taylor Swift

Sigh. Another day, another ‘girls can’t get along’ story debunked. Because the Kardashians must’ve stayed home that day, the press filled the pages with a story last week that claimed something’s rotten at the Grand Ole Opry and banjo strings were flying between Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, who are supposedly embroiled in a serious feud.  There’s only one problem with that: Carrie has no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

Appearing on CBS This Morning, the ‘Blown Away’ singer (that song is so good, guys) was asked whether there’s any bad blood between herself and Swift:

“No! Not that I know of at least!” she replied.

“In every magazine, in pretty much every newspaper, or on gossip TV shows, they can just get away with [saying there's a feud] by saying, ‘a source said’ or, ‘a friend said’ or, ‘an insider said’. I read the most ridiculous things about myself when people do that.”

Well, only one word seems fitting here: DUH. Newsflash to anyone with a brain since the last one seemed to have gone missing: women in the same industry can not only work together without scratching one another’s eyes out, they can also respect each other and realise that there’s enough room for more than one person to succeed.

Grammy Fashion 2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards happened last night and all that means to me is that we get to “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” and “WTF?” over what everyone was wearing. There were guidelines this year for what attendees could and could not wear. I mean, really! Here are some highlights:

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. [...] Please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible ‘puffy’ bare skin exposure.

Hee hee, puffy! That’s some creative phrasing.

So let’s get to some standouts, for better or for worse.

carly rae jepsen grammy dress

Singer Carly Rae Jepsen may have finally redeemed herself in my eyes after that diabolical BCBG nightmare of an outfit she wore at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. (Rumor has it someone was fired over that outfit. I hope so.)

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