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Carrie Underwood Locked Her Son In Her Car

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is a fine celebrity, right? She’s all upstanding and shit, designing her own “activewear” — but even celebrities such as these make mistakes. She reminds me of a really pretty cat that you want to pet that won’t let you. You zone in your hand to pet its head, and it swats you away. And you’re like, “Bad! Bad Buttons!” And the cat is like, LOL TRY AGAIN BRO.

ANYWAY, what was the point? Oh right, Carrie Underwood locked her son (and dogs) in her car, and couldn’t get in, LOL. She had to break a window to get in. This, according to her Twitter:


Uhhh…IDK what the chances are, Carrie, but probably not very good? Like who honestly worries that their canines are looking to lock themselves in their car with your baby? Who does this really happen to? Yes, I’ve heard the tragic stories about parents forgetting their kid was in the car and leaving them, but this is a whole new level — you actually realized the kid was in the car, and couldn’t get him out? Because your dogs locked it? Are these super-smart dogs? Are they baby-genius level dogs? Or are you just really dumb?

I mean, I don’t know if you would consider this judging her parenting skills, but if you think that’s what I’m doing, then yeah, come at me, because I honestly don’t understand how the hell this could happen. Who does this??

That being said: parents, please share your misadventures of leaving your kids in places you shouldn’t and what happened. Because I am honestly curious as f-ck, and I won’t judge you, because you are Evil Beet readers, and not people on a Carrie Underwood level, and yeah, I guess that’s an insult To Ms. Underwood, and you know what? I don’t give a fig. The only REAL Ms. Underwood is Claire, you dig?

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  • I’ve never had my dogs lock me out, but they have put the windows down or locked the car plenty of times by stepping on the controls trying to stick their head out the window while I was in there with them. If she shut her door and they jumped up before she could open the backseat to let them out I can easily see the dogs jumping on the controls and locking her out.

    • posting this I got this warning: Sorry, your comment was blocked because it contains one or more of the following words: window.

      Please confirm that you want to post this comment. Note that if you post this comment, it may not show up immediately because it may need to be approved by a moderator.

      .. Uh What?

  • Maybe you should get your facts straight before posting such nonsense. The dogs jumped up and locked the door. And she did not in fact break the window. Her brother in law was with her and it was HE that broke the window. She tweeted two follow ups to this almost immediately to “clarify” to you runaways!