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Bryan Cranston Pulls An Expert “Your Mom” Joke

Bryan Cranston

Okay, guys, here’s your big weekend story that we can’t ignore: Bryan Cranston, legendary unlikely badass, and legendary “children’s author” narrator pulled a fast one on a fan — and people are literally applauding. Basically, the Breaking Bad actor attended a Q&A at Comic-Con, and rather than answer a humdrum answer in a humdrum way, he delivered a burn so slick, the dude had to call local burn centers to provide an IV of Aloe. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

A fan took the mic and asked, “My question is…basically because, I lived in Albuquerque [where Breaking Bad was filmed], do, uh, what, was there any cool places, anything that you liked in there, like, how was it because, uh, it’s my home town, and I uh…how did you like it? Did you have fun there?”

Rather than respond with a classic canned response of something like, “Yeah, Albuquerque was great, there are lots of great restaurants and places to visit” yada yada yada, Mr. Cranston opted for a more, shall we say, colorful response:

So the question is here, was he a total dick, or was he adorably hilarious? As of this moment, people are split, with the top YouTube comment being, “Uhhh thats kinda rude and immature. Great way to treat your fans.” I disagree. I think what he said was hilarious and very fan-worthy.

But what do you guys think?

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