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Carrie Underwood Thinks You Need Jesus


Carrie Underwood thinks you need Jesus — that is, if you’re “mean”. She tweeted the night after her Sound of Music live NBC special aired (to mostly dismal reviews),

Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus. They will be in my prayers tonight… 1 Peter 2:1-25

Was she possibly responding to Kym Karath who played Gretl Von Trapp in the original film? Ms. Karath live-tweeted the show. Some highlights (lowlights?):

Mystified & disappointed so far by SOM special. So far only happy with Stephen Moyer.

Must admit some scenes are actually painful to watch .

Love Carrie Underwood but this role is just not right for her. She is lovely her voice is beautiful but acting is wrong.

Ms. Karath was later overwhelmed by the attention her tweets got. The tweets even landed her an interview on CNN. She tweeted the day after the remake aired,

To be clear I love Carrie Underwood. Just not as Maria. She was brave to take it on.And this doesn’t lessen my respect for her talent.

It’s more likely Carrie Underwood was tweeting at “haters” than Gretl herself. But who knows? Maybe she doesn’t handle any kind of criticism very well, though you’d think she’d have learned after dealing with Simon Cowell while she was on American Idol.

I love that there’s Sound of Music drama. What year is it? Also, who watched this and what did you think?

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  • I was mostly surprised to see Beehl! Critics knew that was coming, they practically wrote the reviews in advance; save specific failures. And it doesn’t mean we need Jesus. It makes me nuts when people manipulate the significance of a verse to fit the shitty message they’re trying to send.

  • I think the critics were very kind to Ms. Underwood considering she gave a bad high school performance. She didn’t even sing well except for the loud notes. Soft notes the tone was wobbly and she was clearly off key. So people who speak the truth are mean and need jesus? And she has a hotline to him so he’ll drop what he’s doing in the Philippines to get right on Carrie’s critics? Offensive. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. I was raised a Christian. She must have been daydreaming about stardom all the time “humility” was discussed (it was discussed a lot) Her arrogance was ungodly. We are all equal in the eyes of God. Carrie thinks she is a little more equal. But guess what? Hollywood has gone to her head. She is not. In Jesus eyes we are all the same and she should be ashamed and embarrassed that she attacked Christian’s for being mean because they did their job. She needs to pray all right, but for her own soul, not for those who were truthful, even walking on eggs to be kind. She needs to free herself from the Devil. He is controlling her abominable behavior. I will pray tonight. For the Devil. I hope he can teach her some humility and kindness and common sense.