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Oops! Brandy Sings For 40 People In 90,000 Person Stadium


I love me some Brandy. She may not be all that smart, but she makes amazing music (yes, still) and hello, she was MOESHA. That’s why this story is a painful one for me to report. While in South Africa, Brandy was part of the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day at the FNB Stadium. That’s great, right? Only problem is, no one seemed to be aware that she was part of the show and they all left, leaving the 90,000-capacity stadium with only 40 people in it.

That’s right: Brandy performed two songs for 40 people. Ouch.

Here’s what her fellow artist Kabomo had to say about it:

Tough break, Brandy.

Well Hey There, Brandy

photo of brandy norwood pictures bikini engaged pic
It’s like ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ just without all of the carnage and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

In case you guys didn’t know, because it’s not like we talk a whole lot about Brandy around here unless we’re talking about penis tattoos, making vehicular homicide jokes or she’s praising Chris Brown despite his being a dick, Ms. Norwood has gone and gotten herself engaged to music executive, Ryan Press. From E!:

Speculation began yesterday when the star posted a photo on Instagram of a rose petal with song lyrics to her latest single, “How High,” which states, “Like a rib, I’m one within you. We’re unbreakable, inseparable.”

And today, her rep confirmed the happy news.

These photos are of Brandy while on a Hawaiian vacation, celebrating her new engagement. Enjoy them, because you just never do know when we’ll be talking about Brandy here again, you know?

Brandy And Adam Levine Have Important Feelings About Chris Brown

A photo of Brandy

I wonder if there will ever come a day when every single person in the world stops feeling the need to broadcast their opinion of Chris Brown. I’m not saying that in a judgey way, because of course I have my own opinion of Chris, and I do broadcast that opinion on a fairly regular basis, I’m just curious. Will there ever be a time when the majority of us gossipers have the outlook of “Chris Brown, whatever,” or will he continue to inspire lots of feelings for the rest of his career?

Anyway, that day, if it ever happens, is far in the future, because many celebrities are still talking about him in public. For instance, Brandy had a little something to say in a recent interview:

“I just feel like everybody goes through things in their life, and it’s not my place or anybody’s place to judge, I just know that Chris is a fantastic artist and he’s always been supportive of me as an artist, and I just wanted to work with him because he’s great at what he does.”

How many times do I have to say that yes, everyone goes through things, but most people don’t viciously attack and nearly murder their loved ones? Why is that such a hard thing to understand? If you want to focus on his music, fine, whatever, but the “everyone makes mistakes” line gets on my last nerve.

Speaking of focusing on the music (and getting on my last nerve), another celebrity in the form of Adam Levine hates Chris so much that he doesn’t even care about the music:

“Adam hates Chris Brown,” a source tells Star. “And he has no problem telling people that.” His anti-Chris feelings are so strong that they’re affecting his work as a judge on The Voice, which recently began filming its third season. During blind auditions, one contestant sang one of Chris’s songs and did an amazing job, but Adam was so blinded by his hatred for Chris that he took it out on the performer for his choice of tune.

“Adam flat-out told the guy he would have chosen him if he hadn’t sung a Chris Brown song,” the insider says. “He said some people might be over what Chris did, but he isn’t and never will be.”

Well, celebrities, who’s next? Who else has important thoughts about Chris Brown? You can email them directly to me, as long as you don’t include the line “everyone makes mistakes.”