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Look, You Guys, Brandy Got A New Tattoo!

A photo of Brandy

She even posted some pictures of it on her Twitter! Do you recognize it?  If not, don’t worry, because Brandy explains that it’s Ganesh, “Egyptian god! Remover of all obstacles.”  If you’re the highfalutin type (like one of Brandy’s followers), you might point out that Ganesh is a Hindu god, not an Egyptian one, but you can keep that to yourself, because we’re not going to rain on Brandy’s parade.

Except we kind of are, because I’m sorry, but I think it’s ill-advised to get a tattoo of a god you might not fully understand, especially if that tattoo can be said to look like a dick.  If I were Brandy’s friend, I’d have been like “girl, we can make this worthwhile for a little bit with Spider-Man web shooter jokes, but maybe just check out Wikipedia some more and sleep on it a little longer.” And I would do it out of pure love, because I’d know that whenever I got urges to get a tattoo of floppy-haired teenage Jesus riding a unicorn over a rainbow or a human centipede with Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, she’d say the same thing to me.  Real imaginary friends sometimes have to do the hard thing because it’s the right thing.

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