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Well Hey There, Brandy

photo of brandy norwood pictures bikini engaged pic
It’s like ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ just without all of the carnage and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

In case you guys didn’t know, because it’s not like we talk a whole lot about Brandy around here unless we’re talking about penis tattoos, making vehicular homicide jokes or she’s praising Chris Brown despite his being a dick, Ms. Norwood has gone and gotten herself engaged to music executive, Ryan Press. From E!:

Speculation began yesterday when the star posted a photo on Instagram of a rose petal with song lyrics to her latest single, “How High,” which states, “Like a rib, I’m one within you. We’re unbreakable, inseparable.”

And today, her rep confirmed the happy news.

These photos are of Brandy while on a Hawaiian vacation, celebrating her new engagement. Enjoy them, because you just never do know when we’ll be talking about Brandy here again, you know?

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  • Noone goes to the beach to Swim with jewelry, a curly wig, and body chain. She never had any intention to swim (probably doesn’t know how). Photo opportunity to show off her naked bawdy. It looks like Jada Pinkette Smith is the only real swimmer, the rest of the black girls just pose in bikinis at the beach. Phonies. (I am a black woman who swims – before you shout racist)

  • Although she is in a 2piece with jewels, chains & a “Curly wig”, she is RICH & can replace any item that
    may have been lost @ Sea {“Ocean”}.
    It’s probably weave and not a wig so, it is possible to swim with it in ur head!
    This is the problem that we as a Race of people have against one another…Hatred for those who have or have found ways to better themselves! i.e. NEGATIVITY, stereo typing & HATRED!
    CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG as a Race of People with our own COLOR{s}