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“There was this really earnest college student with his backpack on who wanted to do his first film, and then Madonna wanted to produce it.  I was like, ‘Madonna? I don’t think this is her film. I remember this one producer told me that he had found Precious—and it was going to be Brandy. Excuse me? I literally almost hung up on him.”

Sapphire, the author of Precious, in an Entertainment Weekly interview.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who wants to disconnect with people who think Brandy has acting talent or the ability to properly affix false eyelashes.

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  • Oh wow I cannot stand Brandy. Didn’t she run over and kill someone too? She would have ruined that movie, thank goodness she wasn’t picked. lol love the pic of her…what the hell is going on with her eyes?

  • Was Brandy considered for the role of Precious or the down-syndrome baby Precious has from being impregnated by a family member? Brandy’s eyes are so far apart she looks like she is missing some chromosomes. Too bad, Peter Griffin could have gotten more work as an eye wrangler.

  • HOW IS IT HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO HAVE EYES THAT FAR APART WITHOUT BEING A FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is this bitch not in jail…didnt she kill someone recently? Brandy…please go away…you gross me out!

  • Heads up, Wendie — the novel is called PUSH, the movie is called Precious.

    The full movie title is actually “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire” so, yeah. :)

  • Her eyes appear to be wide set, however they are not. She doesnt have a bridge to her nose and she has small eyes, so the illusion is that her eyes are wideset. For her eyes to truly be wideset her skull would have to have an abnormal shape and she would have one of many genetic disease. Im too bored to elaborate.

  • Sad Sad Sad that this is all people do with their free time. Talk bad about someone who they dont know AT ALL. Maybe its a good thing that she still has people who dont like her so they can do exactly what ur doing. Keep her name in the news. From the looks of the previews I dont think thats she should have taken on. She has talent and it has been proven but thats a far leap left for Ms. Brandy.