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Brandy And Adam Levine Have Important Feelings About Chris Brown

A photo of Brandy

I wonder if there will ever come a day when every single person in the world stops feeling the need to broadcast their opinion of Chris Brown. I’m not saying that in a judgey way, because of course I have my own opinion of Chris, and I do broadcast that opinion on a fairly regular basis, I’m just curious. Will there ever be a time when the majority of us gossipers have the outlook of “Chris Brown, whatever,” or will he continue to inspire lots of feelings for the rest of his career?

Anyway, that day, if it ever happens, is far in the future, because many celebrities are still talking about him in public. For instance, Brandy had a little something to say in a recent interview:

“I just feel like everybody goes through things in their life, and it’s not my place or anybody’s place to judge, I just know that Chris is a fantastic artist and he’s always been supportive of me as an artist, and I just wanted to work with him because he’s great at what he does.”

How many times do I have to say that yes, everyone goes through things, but most people don’t viciously attack and nearly murder their loved ones? Why is that such a hard thing to understand? If you want to focus on his music, fine, whatever, but the “everyone makes mistakes” line gets on my last nerve.

Speaking of focusing on the music (and getting on my last nerve), another celebrity in the form of Adam Levine hates Chris so much that he doesn’t even care about the music:

“Adam hates Chris Brown,” a source tells Star. “And he has no problem telling people that.” His anti-Chris feelings are so strong that they’re affecting his work as a judge on The Voice, which recently began filming its third season. During blind auditions, one contestant sang one of Chris’s songs and did an amazing job, but Adam was so blinded by his hatred for Chris that he took it out on the performer for his choice of tune.

“Adam flat-out told the guy he would have chosen him if he hadn’t sung a Chris Brown song,” the insider says. “He said some people might be over what Chris did, but he isn’t and never will be.”

Well, celebrities, who’s next? Who else has important thoughts about Chris Brown? You can email them directly to me, as long as you don’t include the line “everyone makes mistakes.”

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    • HAHAHAHAHA. Yes. Snorted in my drink when I read that. But really. Just YES. Chris Brown deserves every bit of judgement he has thrown his way.

    • it’s funny ’cause it’s TRUE! :o brandy, shut cho mouth, girl, your point is null & void.

  • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Brandy. Someone died when she was behind the wheel so she is the last person who would not forgive chris. I am with Adam though. His career should be over.

  • if this was speaking out against violence against women that would be one thing ….but it seems like its racial , can any of you idiots name a white woman beater that received such hatered if im wrong prove it….ill be waiting over there===>

    • Everyone hates Mel Gibson.
      And why would skin colour have anything to do with it? Violent assault is upsetting and unforgivable. I hate excuse-makers who ignore what actually happened and just claim that the justified furious response “must be a race thing”. Leaping to that old line shows that the person has nothing else to say for themselves, and they know it.

      • mel gibson was hated before his domestic violence case …next
        still what over there =====>

      • You asked for a white man who beats women.
        And guess what, you had nothing else to say for yourself, just as I predicted. Jackass.

      • and received as much hatred as a result ….read …
        if you are a bigot dont hide …..just say it
        still waiting over there=====>

    • As much as I hate even giving validity to bigots who will deny being bigots and say we’re ignorant so we use the race card, I cannot pass this one up! Charlie Sheen and Christian Slater are REPEAT woman beaters and have NEVER received the venom or judgement Chris Brown has! Don’t get me wrong, Chris deserves it. I’m only pointing out the disparaging treatment of white/black folks who f@ck up. But equal treatment, good or bad, is still something I would love to see!

      • Adam Levines hatred for Chris Brown has nothing to do with race. You should be happy Adam Levine is coming to Rihanna’s defense the way he is. He really doesn’t have to go out on a limb to defend a…….black woman. And before I get the hate from abuser lovers like Chris Brown fans for the record I am a black woman.

        The reason why Chris Brown is so hated is because he’s a pompous jerk that has shown no remorse.

    • I’m far from an idiot, but I’ll play.

      Here are a few “famous” “white” people that have suffered some level of career damage because of spousal/woman abuse. No order intended or implied:

      John Wayne Bobbitt, Drew Peterson, Blake Fielder-Civil, Charlie Sheen, Tom Sizemore, Evil Kinevel, Phil Spector, Tommy Lee, Robert Blake, Dr Sam Sheppard, Chris Benoit, Conrad Hilton, Jr., Vanilla Ice, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Charles Graner, Tom Arnold, Johnny Carson, Josh Brolin, Ringo Starr, George C Scott, Joey Buttafuoco, Sean Penn (the idiot), Eminem, Phil Hartman, John Fedders (SEC), John Daly (golfer), hell even Charles Manson

      In addition, according to numerous american bar association statistics (americanbar (dot) org) black women experience domestic violence at 33% higher rates than white women and TWENTY TWO (22) times higher than other races.

      Interestingly, black males experienced partner violence at 62% greater rates than white males.

      40% (4 in 10 or 2 in 5) of black women report coercive sexual contact by age 18. Forty percent of girls.

      The number one cause of death of black women 18 – 34 is domestic homicide.

      In females (all groups) killed by firearm, 2/3 were killed by intimate partners.

      One quarter of all women (all groups) will be raped or physically abused by a domestic partner sometime during their life.

      In the black community, this number raises to around 1 in 3. One in three.

      The black community has a significant (social, not racial) problem with domestic violence. I figured you’d know that, but maybe you didn’t. So, when a famous black man commits domestic violence, it gets noticed. How many of the people “hating” on Chris Brown are black? (No one can know that. There also haven’t been any polls done.) How can you say it is racism then? That makes you a racist.

      The hip-hop community, of which Chris Brown is a member, is rife with misogyny and domestic abuse. As a high profile figure in hip-hop music, his crime is extremely potent and poignant. Additionally, he has made no apology. A lot of impressionable people are going to see that. Do you not care for black youth?

      Therefore, he receives a lot of hate in the media, and rightfully so; not only because of his ethnicity (as in problems in the black community), but because his group (hip-hop) glorifies and perpetuates violence against women.

      Do you know what happens to domestic abusers / rapists / child molesters in prison? Don’t you find it sad that CRIMINALS have a sense of outrage?

      Violence against women is disgusting, cowardly, and decidedly un-masculine.

      So, before you play your worn-out (and mistaken in this instance) racism card, why don’t you go read and try the woman and black community card.

  • if chris brown TRIED to make real progress fixing his anger management issues, like if we could see him making sincere attempts, then i do believe a lot of haters would TRY to forgive. but since he gives self improvement the middle finger & continues to show signs of extreeeeme douchebaggery, then he shall forever be branded SCUM, das right, not worthy of 1 ounce of respect. i pity the fool & hope he gets the living shit kicked out of him. gonna happen, peeps, if he keeps actin’ so aggro! just a matter of time.

    • and how do you know he hasn’t ……what information do you have to back anything you say?the fact is you thought that before he hit that woman ….that incident just gave you a reason to speak it aloud

      like i said bigots

      • You are a pathetic and transparent little troll.
        I’ll bet when you get cut off in traffic you yell “bigots”.

      • apparently i am speaking the truth …you can sit behind this computer and vent your bigoted views on people you don’t know and judge not even on sound bites but pictures….like i said if this was in defense of women i can see but most of you will be the first to call a woman fat cause she looks a few pounds overweight on a picture. do not be mad at me cause your bigotry is hanging out ,zip it up or be proud of what you are

      • Sure. Typical asswipe who throws out calling folks bigots cause he ain’t got any other argument than “must be racial, cause I can’t think of nothin else”.

      • When people disagree with you, that’s how you decide you are automatically correct? Wow, you must be right constantly.
        Do you think we can’t see how empty and baseless all your statements are? You are the only one here who is mentally deficient. I hope my choices of words weren’t too far above your grey matter.

      • We know he hasn’t based on how he acts. Like throwing a chair through a window when asked about it. Of course, hes going to be asked about it, and he should know that. He acts like a child. He hasn’t grown up since then. I’m a black woman and I am nowhere close to being a bigot. I have an issue with ALL abusers: men, women, black, white, orange or polka dot. He needs counseling and so does she.

        and also, how can you tell that person they thought that before he hit Rihanna? How do you know what that person was thinking?

  • I dont understand why so many people have so much to say. Everyone..including Adam pretends as if they havent made mistakes. Yes, Chris Brown was wrong for what he did. True, Rihanna got over it…the world needs to take heed and do so as well. He was young, people make mistakes. People aren’t the same people that they were years ago. You grow and learn. And Adam being so hateful towards Chris Brown is not hurting him. His records are still selling, and he still has a vast amount of fans. If everyone would mind their own business and worry about what’s going on in their own “home” and lives. The world would be so much better. Im pretty sure the people that are commenting negatively about Chris Brown knows someone who abused someone else, but will never say to that person what they’ve said behind the computer screen. Try making a difference in your community about abuse instead of worrying about a celebrity that you dont know.

    • You think physical abuse is THAT prevalent, that we would all know someone who was a beater?! Wow. That says more about your social group, but I don’t think that stats are really that high, that everyone could know someone.
      You also downplay it and say “get over it and mind your own business.” All of those things are WHY abuse thrives. I’ve never known anyone who was a beater or a victim, but if I did I would help them and call the cops, not mind my own business and let them suffer.

  • I was abused growing up and I’ve been sexually assaulted before so that whole “everyone makes mistakes” comment is complete BULLSHIT to me.

    No I don’t think everyone should take the time out to bash Chris Brown for that, still, especially since it didn’t happen to us, but I don’t have to “forgive” him or like his crappy music if I don’t want to. He gets no support from me and that’s my choice.

    Also, I am trying to make a difference in my community when it comes to domestic abuse, rape, etc. and not supporting him is part of that. SO MANY young girls think it’s no big deal, and a lot of them jump on the “she must have said something to deserve” bandwagon. There was a post that showed tweets from teenage girls saying they’d let him hit them and that is a problem. Lastly, I have said something to my abuser about the abuse I suffered, so does that mean I can bitch about Chris Brown more than the next person? No.

    But I’m going to bitch all I want.