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How Much Do You Think Lindsay Lohan Has Spent in Legal Fees?

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

I want you to really think about this now. Since 2007, how much money has all of Lindsay‘s legal shenanigans cost her? Consider all those times that she violated her probation, and all those times we’ve discussed her clothing choices for court. Consider the past four years. Do you have an estimate?


If you said “well over a million dollars,” then you’d be correct.  Lindsay has spent $1.4 million on all her legal woes. 1.4 million dollars. All because she stole an ugly necklace and couldn’t manage to get wasted without driving a car. What a waste, right?

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  • Has she actually paid them, do you reckon? I’ll bet she offers blowjobs instead. She’s a *STAR*, so they’re high-end blowjobs.

    And Merry Christmas, Beet!