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Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was Borrowing That Necklace She Was Accused of Stealing

photo of a redheaded lindsay lohan with red hair out and about in los angeles on september 14th

Lindsay Lohan is responding to allegations that she stole a necklace from a Venice Beach jewelry shop by saying that it was just a simple misunderstanding.

The shop owner contacted police after seeing Lindsay out and about wearing the necklace that had been stolen from her shop earlier that week. The one of a kind piece was apparently one of many that Lindsay tried on while in the shop and is valued at &2,500.

But Lindsay’s lawyer is saying that her client was under the impression the necklace was a loaner, a standard exchange between celebrities and shop owners.


The actress is accused of having walked away with a “one of a kind” necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store on Jan. 22. But before police executed a search warrant on her home, the necklace was surrendered to a local LAPD station.

“Lindsay doesn’t understand how the store can file a police report when they let her borrow the necklace,” said a source close to the actress. “She’s used to getting gifted items that are worth way more than that. And why would she steal a necklace? She has tons of jewelry and doesn’t need anymore.”

Lohan remains on probation and under random drug testing in her ongoing DUI case and faces a Feb. 25 progress review hearing.

The judge who sent Lindsay to rehab said that if she messed up again, she was going to go back to jail. This time for six months. That’s why I want to believe that Lindsay didn’t steal the necklace and the store’s owner is just looking to get a little publicity for her no name jewelry shop.

On the other hand, Lindsay’s known for acting out, and with drugs and alcohol no longer being an option, I can totally see her sticky fingers making a comeback. Sigh.

Do you think Lindsay is guilty of stealing the necklace?

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  • Not in favor of anybody, just seeing things objectively, but one has to prove an accusation (without one inch of doubt) or be legally counterattacked. Could this jewellery store be interested in free advertisement? If the robbery theory were detrimental to the store’s prestige would the owner have made a big fuss?

  • Molls, quit siding with this mess! Duh she stole it! She’s an entitled drug addict hack of an actress. Rehab isn’t gonna fix this bitch.

  • She’s known for sticky fingers. She has an incredible sense of entitlement. I’m sure she just walked out of the store without thinking twice about what she had on.

    That being said, it would be interesting to hear the whole story (from beginning to end). The little we hear doesn’t tell the entire chain of events.

  • She may have been “confused” I am sure she is used to getting free stuff all the time. All that jewelry the stars wear at the awards shows are borrowed. She should have just sent it back/sent them a check. Why can’t she just stay home and write her “Memoirs”?