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Do You Want to See That Puppy That Pink Helped Save?

A photo of the puppy that Pink rescued

Of course you want to see the puppy, don’t be ridiculous. Look at its little face! Those ears! Those big puppy paws!

This is Stella, one of the most adorable puppies ever. If you’ll remember, yesterday I told you about her and about how Pink paid the $5,000 it took to get this puppy surgery that saved her life. And honestly, after hearing that awful story and seeing that precious face, how could you not help this puppy if you had the means to do so?

Enjoy the puppy pictures, and feel free to post other pictures of cute animals as you see fit!

Images courtesy of TMZ

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    • As of now, no, they haven’t. I agree though, what complete assholes. It would take an absolutely horrendous person to throw any poor animal off an overpass like that, but … look at that face!

  • Cruelty towards animals seems to upset me more than cruelty towards people (actually no, cruelty towards children is unendurable too….)

    Cruelty towards any helpless thing is pretty much too much to bear.

    There is a quote somewhere about the mark of a country’s humanity lies is the way they treat the weakest among them… animals, children, old people…

  • I have only had positive experiences with pitbulls: they love human beings… but have been bred to hate other dogs…..

    so they are always a challenge, but one very worthwhile…

    • I absolutely love all the pitbulls I’ve met. We had one for a while, this adorable little white puppy, and he was the absolute sweetest dog. My roommate had two dogs as well, and he got along fine with them, but when we took him to the vet, we had to hold him back from the other dogs. Eventually we had to find him a new home because my roommate (and the owner of the house) was scared that he would hurt her dogs. I can’t wait to have another one someday though!

      Ahh, those little faces! And those big paws, they’re just too cute!

  • Mahatma Gandhi : The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.