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Holy God: Kim Kardashian Is Getting Divorced

Photo: Kris Humphries with Kim Kardashian on October 21, 2011 in New York City.

There were rumors of trouble in paradise, but I, for one, am shocked. Shocked! Sadly, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from brand new husband (!) Kris Humphries, TMZ reports. And unfortunately, TMZ is never wrong.

The couple was married on August 20, making theirs one of the shortest, crappiest marriages this side of E!


We’re told even though the marriage was short, she will not seek an annulment. It’s a garden variety divorce, in which Kim cites “irreconcilable differences.”

We’re told the date of separation is listed as today, Oct. 31, 2011.

Kim has hired disso-queen Laura Wasser, who has repped the likes of Britney Spears, Maria Shriver, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds, and Robyn Gibson, Mel’s almost ex-wife.

But why did the marriage collapse so soon? Apparently, young Mr. Humphries expected the new Mrs. Humphries to move to Minnesota, while Kim is forever an L.A. girl. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect any newlywed couple to hammer out before the wedding but, TMZ explains, they “got caught up in the hooplah.” Other sources speculate that Kim’s decision to divorce may have been sparked by a recent lunch date with old flame Reggie Bush. At least one source believes the divorce was calculated.

Last night, Kim Kardashian was reportedly “miserable.”

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  • Miserable my left foot! My roommate and I made a bet and sadly I lost by 2 months. Damn you Kim! Couldn’t you have at least waited until Christmas!

  • And they won’t let gay people marry to “preserve the sanctity of marriage?” Looks like this was a quick way for her to make 8 million dollars.

    • I read 18 million! And she gets to keep all jewelry, personal effects, and any money made before, during and after her marriage. SICKENING.
      How did Bruce Jenner allow himself to get caught up in this family of money-hungry fame whores? I don’t get it…

      • Didn’t the wedding COST 10 million netting her a profit of at least 8 million? This family and their “Princess and the Pee” are just disgusting.

    • Actually the wedding was sponsored by like 1000 companies, so they didn’t actually pay for all of it. The figure is more like $18 million because she sold all rights to the wedding to E! and didn’t pay for it.

  • I guess this fat porn star is yet again single!

    I hypothesize that this marks the fall of the Kuntrashian Empire – soon the general public, which mainly consists of idiots, retards, and the like who worship these syphilis tubs, will begin to truly realize the extent these love-to-get-pissed-on-by-Ray-J-and-film-it-and-suck-black-cock sluts will go for attention, fame, and money.

    Anyone who doesn’t realize this entire marriage was a sham and money making scheme from the beginning should be sterilized so that your spawn cannot wreak havoc on this earth.

    • Bravo LegalEase! I’ve despised this skank ever since her copycat porno (ala Paris Hilton, another POS) was released. It’s unbelievable to me that the media and public can’t see her for the fat ass, no-talent, loser who doesn’t realize people are laughing AT HER, not with her. She and her family deserve to be spit on by every thinking human as they attempt to navigate their way anytime they leave their house.

  • wow…tens of millions spent on the wedding, 3 free dresses from Vera Wang…just think of all the sick little children at St. Judes it could have helped, or Food Banks for the Homeless that could have been stocked for the cold winter months. how truly sad…such greed and gluttony that family represents. I never liked the show, but i DID like the clothes and perfume they sold…never again will i purchase ANYTHING that family sells. They will not get ONE DIME of my money EVER again.

  • What difference does it make what kind of sex she likes to have? Who cares… we all have sex… big whoop. In spite of her fame and fortune, and yes, I agree that she’s very “business minded” aka “money hungry”, I still feel sorry for her…

    I think she wanted the fairytale wedding and the happy ending. And to start a family. Having children is all she’s talked about for the last couple years. I think she just wanted to be “in love” with this man, and then reality (shows! ha!) stepped in. …And as far as Kris is concerned, that guy is an asshole that needs to grow up. I don’t think he’s just “outspoken” I think he’s a pompous idiot. And Khloe was right! …I don’t believe he’s “devestated” about the divorce, I think he’s upset that his gravy train is leaving the station.

  • Honestly, how could anyone be shocked by this. The moment she okay’d People to print the cover with just her in the wedding dress, and not as a newly married couple, it was obvious that it was just a scheme and staged. I actually feel bad for the guy, he probably thought it was real… he was just a puppet in the kardashian’s little plan… :-/

  • Sorry!!! I missed the part on how she became the “victim”of this deplorable joke of a marriage..(superstar) the jig is up.