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Armani is Already Releasing Megan Fox Christmas Photos

photo of megan fox armani christmas photos pics
I can’t say that I’m complaining, since Megan‘s so gorgeous now that the Botox is finally kind of going away and her regular face is morphing back into itself. That’s a good thing, and Megan herself is looking way, way better than she used to, but I still maintain my position that Megan is gorgeous even without the Photoshop. It’s kind of like using spray tanner on Snooki to make her look even tanner. Some things just can’t be made any better – or worse – than they are on their own. On the whole, Photoshop’s efforts do nothing for Megan’s looks. Photoshop positively melts under the influence of Megan Fox’s gorgeous, smoldering looks. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos of Megan’s face un-Photoshopped. It’s really not all that different.

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