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Listen to A Bunch Of Doctors Call Shenanigans on Megan Fox’s “No Botox” Photos!

A photo of Megan Fox

Last week, Megan Fox posted those pictures to her Facebook, remember, the ones that prove that she’s never had Botox? I know, I thought they were ridiculous too, and apparently, so did several doctors:

“Looks like Megan is just as talented with Photoshop as she is in entertainment,” said plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. Nicholas Vendemia of New York. “Those lines on her forehead are totally fake. … Muscles in the forehead and brow simply don’t create curved wrinkles like that. The wrinkles Megan is showing us don’t coincide with brow anatomy, nor do they match the facial expression she is making.”

Dermatologist Dr. Vince Afsahi of Tustin and Newport Beach said, “The photo looks altered. The muscles in the forehead do not usually create an arc-like pattern seen in the photo. … Anatomically [it] does not make sense.”

Dermatologic surgeon Dr. David Sire of Fullerton said, “I have never seen the frontalis [forehead] muscle do this unless the muscle was surgically cut. It appears as if she is frowning and elevating her brow at the same time. Quite a feat!”

“This photo [top] is totally consistent with the wrinkle pattern you will see in someone whose Botox has begun wearing off,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow of Newport Beach. “When you have Botox to the entire face, different parts wear off at different rates and can give you a strangish-looking pattern of wrinkles until it all wears off. I bet this photo was taken the day before her Botox appointment.”

Foiled again, eh, Megan? Well, just like I told the girl I went to college with who made a fake account for Tom Felton so they could be in a relationship and leave each other loving comments, bad things happen when you’re lame enough to lie on Facebook.

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  • Looks like she pressed her head against a glass window! And anyway, does any1 care about this or her …is this news or important, jeeeze! Such a waste of time–I hate myself for wasting 30 seconds of my day on this kinda’ crap~ LOL

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  • Haha! Megan couldn’t even get Brian to wrinkle his forehead for her so they could make the photoshop look realistic.