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Sightings: Megan Fox Leaves LA Hair Salon

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Oh Megs. Don’t you know that you’ve just got one of those faces that, no matter what you try to do, or what you try to wear (lol cute outfit, girl) you’re always going to be recognized? Sure.

Normally I wouldn’t run a Megan Fox gallery just because, but she’s grown on me lately, guys (is this the beginning of the end or what?) and now, looking at the fact that she’s dissociating herself from Marilyn Monroe and all of her unstableness and myriad disorders, and that she’s finally put some much-needed weight on, it quite seems like she’s growing up a little bit and it only makes me admire her. Well, more than I used to. I mean, at least way more than I admire, say, someone like the horribly misguided Courtney Stodden or those who get stupid tattoos for publicity purposes any old day.

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