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Quotables: Ryan Gosling > Ryan Reynolds

A photo of Ryan Gosling

“They’re disappointed when I’m not Ryan Reynolds. ‘Oh can I get my picture with you?’ And you’re like, sure, and they’re like, ‘I thought you were more muscley.’ No. ‘Have you gotten, like, more unattractive for a role?’ No. Just the role of my life. Sometimes they’ll take a picture with me and then they’ll look at it, and I’ll see their faces fall and they realize when they look at the picture, that’s not Ryan Reynolds.”

Ryan Gosling pretending like he’s less attractive than Ryan Reynolds. Please.

Do people actually think this way in real life? Would any of you (well, not you particularly, you all are much more informed and you have much better taste than the average person) confuse these two Ryans, and, more importantly, can you even fathom calling Ryan Gosling unattractive? And now the most important question: who would you do, Gosling or Reynolds?

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  • Im going to have to vote Ryan Reynolds. I love Ryan gosling’s puppy dog cute look, but Reynolds is more manly i think (like his perfect chest hair), and he seems as equally a nice guy as gosling. And if you compare there hunky bodies, Reynolds abs are perfect, gosling’s are nice but are schrunched up at the top. Ive spent a long time thinking about this obviously haha.

  • ryan gosling is sooooooooooo fucking hot, every time i see a picture of him i make a squeeking noise and get wobbly knees…
    gosh, i want him soooooo bad!!!

  • Ryan Gosling all the way. Watching him in the classic chick flick “The Notebook” made me a believer. Ryan Reynolds is alright but Gosling is smolderingly hot.

  • Okay first off I would like to say that I read Evil Beet Gossip every day it’s like my morning coffee. I’ve been hooked for a while now and I always love when I see a Ryan Gosling post. I always read about how much you’re in love with him and I always say to myself “That’s exactly like me” Out of any guy in the world including my boyfriend (shhh) He’s the man of my dreams. This post surprised me! I can’t believe someone could actually get him mixed up with Ryan Reynolds I mean come on people! and being disappointed once they realize it’s not him in the photo!! man I would probably have a seizure if I seen him in person better yet get a photo with him. So the answer to your question would be RYAN GOSLING ALL THE WAY.

  • Ryan Reynold has a very unattractive face, with that weird chipmunk mouth. I once saw a (bad) movie where he pretended to be an ugly teenager and then a handsome man, and couldn’t see the difference. Really.

  • Reynolds hundred percent. What a bore Gosling is, always talking about people mistaking him for Reynolds and faking modesty. I would find him hot only if stuck into an oven. You would never catch Reynolds making such comments. He is too intelligent for such rubbish.

  • No question at all – Ryan Gosling, overall he ticks all the boxes – he is sensual, what seductive eyes and that mouth – Ryan Reynolds is okay, great body for sure, but he lacks in other areas and he is just not naturally sexy. I don’t mind Reynolds, but if you comparing him to Gosling, then Gosling wins all the way. Also think of the sexy performances Gosling has given – The Notebook and Blue Valentine – I have even found Gosling strangely appealing in Lars and the Girl – the best performance so far in his career and what about his recent performance in Crazy, Stupid Love – which performances of Reynolds could match any of that and please don’t say The Proposal, because that was merely a cute performance from Reynolds. Gosling for sure – all my friends agree. (women and men alike!)

  • Gosling. Gosling Gosling Gosling.

    Ryan Reynolds has a douche face and he plays the same one dimensional character in every single crappy movie he’s been in.

    Just because he has abs DOES NOT MAKE HIM ATTRACTIVE you shallow bitches!

    His personality is also completely stock and fake in any interview I’ve ever seen him in. He’s one of those people that I think probably whines if his latte has too much soy. Ugh.

    Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, is adorable and charming and just overall a real delight.

  • I sense that there is a tie. And I have a PERFECT idea for a tiebreaker. The winner shall be whoever has the longer *index finger* (or what have you). Because I swoooooon for a guy with a large *index finger*.

    PS: I’m going with the Goz, but only because I fell in love with him in Half Nelson. Otherwise, I would go with Ry Ry, esp as he is clearly a ‘mo (what straight man would actually “date” Sandra Bullock? Puh-lease, Ryan, facial hair may be coming back in, but you need to lose that beard, girl, because you ain’t fooling nobody).