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Just in Case You Needed One More Reason to Adore Ryan Gosling

photo of ryan gosling joking with photographers at outside lunch in new york city pics

Ryan Gosling. The down-to-earth and also-happens-to-be-amazing-looking second in command love of my life (Adrien Brody would be first, but Ryan’s fighting tooth and nail for that position). I just love this dude so much, and I love his sense of humor, too. I’d totally sit there with him at lunch making faces at photographers. And me? Well, I’ve got a veritable ARSENAL of funny faces – sometimes I spend hours in the mirror just practicing.

Plus, it’s so cool that his dog is also so very grounded. He sniffs the crotches of strangers. How more normal could you be?

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  • those are his actual tattoos?! what’s with his tank top? he’s such a gay sometimes..& not the good knows how to dress why can’t that guy be straight gay..he’s like the playground loser that nobody likes gay..

  • that girl behind him is all like ” oh my god, ryan gosling just farted and i totally walked thru it!!?!!”

  • Those tattoos are not my cup of tea, but he is so stupidly hot they don’t matter. He is so handsome *swoon*