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Love It or Leave It: Ryan Reynolds at The Green Lantern Premiere

A photo of Ryan Reynolds

A new era is dawning, friends. An era where we can judge men’s fashion just as readily and with as much passion as we do with the ladies. There’s a change in the air – can you feel it?

Ok, I have ulterior motives with this, to be perfectly honest. See, my boyfriend and I have been in a spirited debate for the past few weeks over Ryan Reynolds. He thinks that Ryan is a handsome man who’s done a couple good movies and that he deserves some respect. And I think he looks like a total douchebag.

It’s just his stupid face, ok? I know next to nothing about the man, but just from seeing pictures of his stupid face, he looks like a total dick. He looks like a smarmy, ridiculous douche canoe and I want no part of it.

Where do you guys stand on Ryan Reynolds? And hey, how about that suit?

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  • SMOKING. HOT. I see where you get the douchebag vibe, but I actually dig him. And I would do dirty terrible things to that man. He looks good, not a lot of people could pull that suit off.

  • He’s on my list. He’s good at acting douchey, sure, but he’s funny and MY GOD that body!

  • I agree, he looks like a smarmy douche canoe (canoe??????? is that new urban lingo?) but then I only saw him in Adventureland in which he played a swarmy douchebag so I have nothing else to compare that to.

    Could he cut it as a nice guy in a movie?

  • I had another random thought while I was drinking my tea and having a cig:

    Could he just be shy? Shyness can unfortunately come across as smugness/ arrogance sometimes. Smug can just be camouflage for uncomfortable…

  • Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful man. There is so much love, compassion, and magic in those non-douchebag eyes. I think that you should sit back, eat a rolo cupcake, and pray about him some more. I am no one you know.

  • He’s totes hot, and he likes comic books! He did an awesome job as Wade Wilson in Wolverine Origins, even if that character was BUTCHERED at the end of the movie. I keep hoping to see him as Deadpool for real! Plus, I like the suit, I think it’s kinda awesome.