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Love It or Leave It: Evan Rachel Wood Is So Pretty

A photo of Evan Rachel Wood

Back in April, I made some pretty definitive statements about Evan Rachel Wood. I claimed that Marilyn Manson “ruined” her, which, to be fair, is a pretty easy conclusion to make. I also asserted that she needed to “shut her douchey mouth,” and again, these are just pictures, so that might still be the case. So really, I was never wrong, I just overlooked her potential to be incredibly gorgeous.

These are photos of Evan at the Venice Film Festival, and every single thing she’s doing right here is working wonders for me. How about you?

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  • She’s always been really pretty, but then again can you think of any young actress in Hollywood who is not truly stunning? I can only think of Gabourey Sidibe but she isn’t given the same amount of attention as other girls.

  • i’ve always thought she had a a sort of old hollywood, classic beauty. and that last photo kinda reminds me of grace kelly.