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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood sued for $30 million over ’10 Things I Hate About You’ sequel

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Evan Rachel Wood hasn’t exactly been having an easy time of things lately, has she? First her marriage ends, then she’s accused of being a homewrecker in Michelle Rodriguez‘s relationship with Cara Devlevingne and now she’s being sued for a whopping $30 million by producers of the 10 Things I Hate About You sequel that will never see the light of day, 1o Things I Hate About Life.

The story goes that Evan was paid $300,000 up front as a retainer. However, shortly into shooting, the movie ran out of money and shut down. When they wanted to pick up at the end of that same year, Evan had scheduling conflicts and couldn’t just drop everything to go back to this shitshow. So… they’re suing her for $30 million.

From E Online:

According to court documents filed Thursday and obtained by E! News, 10 Things Films wants more than $30 million from the star, including at least $20 million in lost profits; $500,000 in lost financing costs; $6 million in lost investments; and $5 million in damages.

A rep for Woods, meanwhile, calls the lawsuit “preposterous.”

“The lawsuit is preposterous and simply a bullying tactic from financially troubled producers,” the rep said in a statement to E! News. “The production shut down in February 2013 when the producers ran out of money. Even after that, Evan agreed to resume production in Nov. 2013, by which time the producers said they would have cleared up their issues.

“However, the producers still could not get their act together, nor did they pay Evan money that was owed. Repeated subsequent promises by the producers to resume production and pay Evan also turned out to be false. Enough is enough. The producers, not Evan, have breached contract.”

10 Things Films alleges in the lawsuit that Wood accepted the lead role in the film and took a $300,000 advance, and then “seemingly changed her mind about desiring to complete the film during principal photography, ultimately refusing without any legal justification to fulfill her contractual obligations and instead opting to walk out on the project.”

The company is claiming breach of written agreement and breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Huh, I’m all for fulfilling obligations but something tells me they’re suing Evan so they can actually GET the money to make this piece of shit sequel. Newsflash: no one’s interested, no one will go to see it. The nostalgia factor isn’t even there – if people want to watch 10 Things I Hate About You, they’ll pop on a DVD, not go see some second-rate follow-up movie. No thanks.

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Evan Rachel Wood is NOT hooking up with Michelle Rodriguez

evan rachel wood michelle rodriguez

Today is shaping up to be a pretty gay day here on Evil Beet – my apologies (except not) to everyone this might offend, but we have IMPORTANT NEWS to report. This time around, the rumour mill is concentrating on Evan Rachel Wood and Michelle Rodriguez. Evan just split with husband Jamie Bell because she cares about her baby too much, and last we heard from Michelle, she was doing it with Cara Delevingne… but are they now hooking up with EACH OTHER? That’s the word on the street, anyway… but alas, it’s untrue.

Well, that settles that, I guess. I do think it’s ridiculous that just because two people are openly gay/bisexual/whatever, they’re automatically dating. Here’s a clue to idiots everywhere: just because you happen to like the same sex doesn’t mean you like EVERYONE of that sex. Just like straight people don’t automatically like everyone of the opposite sex. It’s pretty simple.

Anyhow, keep doing you, EVR.

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Evan Rachel Wood broke up with Jamie Bell to spend more time with their baby

evan rachel wood jamie bell

Alright, this story is already annoying the shit out of me. Evan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell have called it quits, which is a shame but it happens. The pair just had a baby last July, and it turns out, that might have been the beginning of the end of their relationship since apparently Evan is spending more time with the baby than she is having sex with her husband. The nerve!

From People:

“Nothing dramatic happened. They are friends and will continue to parent their son together. They have been friends for years and are happier this way than being married,” the source says.

The couple welcomed a son last July, and he became the focus, the source adds. “Evan loves being a mom. After her son was born, he has been her No. 1 priority. The marriage always came in second. They have different goals for the future and want to pursue them separately.”

As for Wood’s romantic future, the source adds: “Evan is very edgy and adventurous and wants to find a partner that she can share that with.”

What’s with grown ass men not being able to handle not being the center of their partner’s world? Obviously that intimacy and everything is important and parents still need to spend time with each other aside from raising kids, working, etc, but it just seems kinda ridiculous to me. If he was as invested in parenting as she is, he would probably feel just as exhausted and use the baby to strengthen their bond? I dunno, to be fair, I haven’t given birth personally, but I feel like it’s generally understood that kids are the first priority – especially when they’re little.

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