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Evan Rachel Wood is Pregnant if You Care

photo of evan rachel wood esquire shoot pictures
From ERW‘s rep via Us Magazine:

“Evan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell confirmed that they are expecting their first child later this year. The couple is thrilled.”

Hm. Evan Rachel Wood, somebody’s mom. Still kind of processing this, but then again, I’m still kind of processing the idea that Evan Rachel Wood used to have sex with Marilyn Manson—I don’t quite know if I’ll ever be able to get past that, to be honest. But seriously, though? Let’s have a look at this—is it really wonderful news that someone who acts this narcissistic on camera (in a personal circumstance, nonetheless, not a professional one) is maybe going to devote her life to a tiny little baby?

I don’t know, guys. I could be way, way off base, but there’s just something about Evan Rachel Wood that rubs me the wrong way, and that probably just won’t change.

But hey! Congratulations, girl! Exciting things!

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  • she brags about smoking pot constantly, up until like 2 months ago. By the looks of her belly she is more than 4 months along, so she smoked pot while being preggers? Weird stuff.

  • lovely.

    I get a feeling she’s going to be a good mom. Like Jessica Alba for example, the kind of mom that spends a lot of time with her kids and looks genuinely happy doing so.

    BTW. Don’t you guys get a feeling that J.A. is ONLY happy when she’s playing with kids and doesn’t know she’s being photographed? On red carpet her smile is really fake and whenever she sees paps she’s got that bitchface on.