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Pregnant Evan Rachel Wood Is Craving Pop Tarts, Pizza, and Pot

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Evan Rachel Wood is in the final stages of her pregnancy and she really likes tweeting about her food cravings. And her, uh, drug cravings. Via SheKnows:

Whoa. Whoa. Peanut butter pop tarts?! Of course, because I cant smoke any weed right now. Damnit!

Whoa, whoa, whoa indeed. Stop the effing train. Right now. Stop the train. What is this shit? What is this nonsense? There’s PEANUT BUTTER FLAVORED POP TARTS??? EVAN I AM IN JUST AS MUCH SHOCK AS YOU ARE, GIRL.

Who gives a f-ck about the weed? THERE’S PEANUT BUTTER POP TARTS. Other food craving tweets:

Sometimes your diet goes to hell and you have pigs in a blanket and a pizza.

Yes. I know that very well. I wish I had pregnancy as an excuse.


Hey all you pregnant people, what foods did you crave?

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  • I’m craving lemons. I just want lemons. All the time. But now I want peanut butter pop tarts too so thanks for that, Evan.

  • I had a craving for cheese early on, now I just crave food, full stop. I don’t even know what these tart things are, but I want them now!! X

  • I craved a tall, frosty glass of gasoline with both of my pregnancies. My doctor kept yelling at me to take my iron because I had pica. But I never drank the gasoline. I also wanted to huff Sharpies when I was pregnant – which I have never done, I’m totally drug free, non smoker, whole nine – but I was just like, aaahhhhh, that smells so gooooood….

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