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Evan Rachel Wood Is Not Happy With the Paparazzi

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Evan Rachel Wood is currently pregnant with her first child with fiancé Jamie Bell and since pregnant women have to get scans and stuff, obviously they’re gonna have to leave their house and that means – for celebs, at least – the chance of being photographed. For most people, this is an unfortunate hazard of the job, but ERW ain’t having that and took to her Twitter to lash out at The Daily Mail for posting pictures of her leaving her ultrasound appointment in Los Angeles.

The article has since been taken down from the Daily Mail website, so I guess she was victorious, but when does it stop? Do all celebrities have to bash newspapers on social media to get a response like this? Who even likes paparazzi photos? It’s bizarre. Like, I love Katy Perry, but ain’t nobody trying to see homegirl in a stained t-shirt and greasy hair. Stars: they’re just like us!

I don’t want this to turn into a diatribe about the media and how if we keep buying rags, the paparazzi will stay in business, etc. It’s a business that’s been in place for years and will probably never stop – especially while there is big money in it for all involved. In a sense, I also think that’s the life you sign up for when you become famous. No one deserves to be put in any life-threatening situation and you should be allowed a personal life, as well, but the business is such that if you leave your house – regardless of whether it’s going to a funeral or a baseball game – you’re probably going to have your picture taken. Them’s the breaks. If you don’t like it, give up your millions and your fancy lifestyle and buy a farm in Nebraska, yknow?

Evan has vowed to leave Los Angeles after the incident, but I doubt that’ll actually happen. As much as celebrities abhor the more obnoxious parts of fame, they’re too attached to the fancy parts to let it all go.

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  • I think it was way more to do with the fact they took photos and posted it of her actual scan. Her child isn’t born yet they are invading its privacy. And I tend to agree that was a violation too far

  • I agree with Rachel and Anonymous here – while paparazzi suck, it’s kind of a part of being “famous” I guess. But taking a photo of your ultrasound while at a hospital? That’s crossing a line. Snaps of a girl at the grocery store, ok; at the doctor’s office and posting the ultrasound? Nuh uh.

  • I’m glad you raised this issue as I’ve wondered before how much I’m supporting that invasive culture by visiting sites like this? I hear your point about supply and demand, but doesn’t that make you and I a part of the problem?

  • It’s one thing to parade your kid around for everyone to see, it’s another to take a picture of a sonogram and publish it. I’m team Evan on this.

  • She’s completely right, it’s awful. It’s a child. Plus, in some countries there are laws to protect children of celebrities: Spain, for example, blurs the faces of all the children whose parents haven’t given permission to be photographed, so candids are always blurred. Spanish celebrities’ children are anonymous.

  • Goddamn, Evan. You want some french cries with that wahmburger? Put it in your handbag. Problem solved. Sometimes I feel like they just bitch to bitch.