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Anderson Cooper Wants You To Know That ‘The Bachelor’ Isn’t Real

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In “no duh” news of the day, Anderson Cooper has warned viewers that The Bachelor is fake during an episode of Anderson Cooper Live.

“Can somebody please explain to me why anyone: A) Watches this show, and B) Thinks this is real? Haven’t we learned that this is just fake? These people don’t stay together, they don’t even last together for the reunion show. This show, I just don’t understand.”

No shit, Sherlock. Next thing you’re going to tell me that Anne Hathaway is annoying or that chocolate cake is the best dessert. Some things are just known. No one watches The Bachelor because they’re a pure romantic and wants to see true love play out before their very eyes, they watch it for the LOLZ and the guarantee that there’ll be at least one crazy bitch on per season that’ll make it all worthwhile.

This season hasn’t disappointed, either. Girl, have you seen Tierra? She is an absolute nutcase and I love her so much (and was devastated – spoiler alert! – when she left this week). Hilariously, this news story is the gift that keeps on giving because Tierra is actually engaged to some bro she was dating before she filmed the show. He apparently realised when she left to film the show that he had strong feelings for her, so he put a ring on it. I’m devastated, because now she won’t be the next Bachelorette. RIP, Tierra’s TV career.

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  • Oh this show is hysterical and I also am sad to see Tiarra gone! Last season’s freak was Courtney! Although I do find it totally disgusting when he kisses one woman and than 5 minutes later he’s kissing another woman, than another 5 mintues goes by and he’s kissing another one etc. etc. etc.! I gag at these moments!! Gawk!!!