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Love It or Leave It: Evan Rachel Wood Looks … Good

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I always considered ERW to be the Hollywood actress most unsure of who she was with regard to her personal style. There was nothing that really stood out about her for me – aside from that whole dating Marilyn Manson thing, taking bloody nude photos, and the way obvious Dita von Teese ripoff – but this? This is seriously the best she’s ever looked, and this hairstyle, hands down, is the one for her. She looks clean, she looks healthy, and above all, she’s MEMORABLE now.

Congrats, Evan – you’ve finally found your look! Stick to it, ’cause it’s definitely working well on you, girl.

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  • I totally disagree. This hair cut makes her face look almost fat and it brings out the unevenness in her face too.

  • is not the best she could look, but at least she looks young now. when she was imitating dita she looked terrible.
    still, i dont personally like this haircut or that outfit . all of it together and that inetrview she did a while ago makes me think evan’s new thing is to be a lesbian

  • As a former tomboy I love the look. I think its flattering and sexy. It looks like she’s owning her own personal style rather than copying someone elses.

  • the::beautiful ladie ~:hair is so beautiuful!””’i am hounered!!”to whish::happy early 4th of julie shout outs to MS BEAUTIFUL::HAIR!,RACHEL””WOODS!!

  • unless you’re maybe a real lesbian, you look damn good with long hair. don’t get me wrong here, you look pretty sexy no matter what hunny..

  • Love it. But she can make anything look good. Wish she kept it red though. Loved her look in True Blood.