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Evan Rachel Wood Liked to Get Naked and Bloody for Marilyn Manson I Guess

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Just in case the word ‘crazy’ isn’t enough of a descriptor of what being in a relationship with Marilyn Manson is like, let these photos be indicative as to how nuts (or desperate to prove something to your mom) you have to be as a person romantically involved with the Manse.

A very blurry and, um, pointy Evan Rachel Wood is depicted in the NSFW photo gallery after the jump, and just as we were talking about how catatonic Lindsay Lohan’s ghostly dead nips are, Evan Rachel Wood’s are the opposite and are very … well, quite active.

Anyway, ALL nipples aside, can you just imagine the arguments between these two former lovebirds: ‘I’m artsy-noir.’ ‘NO BITCH, I’M artsy-noir.’ ‘Alright, well MY fake blood concoction is better than YOUR fake blood concoction.’ ‘SPAWN OF FUCK, I’ll SLICE you open from GROIN to GULLET with the medieval demon-slaying dagger that I’ve had surgically implanted in the shaft of my penis.’

Or, you know. Something.

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  • he is a true douchebag and bampot….god knows he shud be shot in the head for doing this….he is a total make up shit….evan is a true beauty..