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Evan Rachel Wood at Critics Choice Awards Pictures Photos

For the first time in her whole red carpet life, Evan Rachel Wood doesn’t look like a trampy Dita Von Teese wannabe.

In fact, she looked stunning at the Critics Choice Awards.

Dress is gorgeous, but, most importantly, hair and makeup suit her perfectly. She doesn’t look like a Dita rip-off, she looks like the beautiful young woman that she is deep under all that crazy.

Keep this stylist, Rachel!

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  • Am I the only one that thinks she looks totally overdone? It’s that 80’s blush look again…and her makeup is so that her legs and arms don’t match her overdone head and chest.

    I know, it’s hard to be perfect…but a little sunless tanner or instant bronzer to match things up wouldn’t hurt!

  • Ditto Erin, sort of. I like the hair and make-up. I like the dress. It’s the combination that doesn’t work for me. That dress makes her legs look past pasty. and the red polish doesn’t work with the dress either. She really is pretty though, and I agree that she does not look like a Dita wanna-be.

  • She does look awesome.

    But I do agree with Erin. The blush is just too much. She looks like she needs to RELAX big time.

    I think she would look fantastic in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • She looks great, if she were in her late 20’s early 30’s (or even late 30’s) but for a young woman, she looks too old.

  • i dont think her hair really fits her. makes her look old and makes her paleness even more obvious. she would be amazingly cute and hot if she just went for a natural look. y do they all insist on going all tarty?

  • Beet (or anyone that knows), you said “Keep this stylist, Rachel!”
    Is her name Evan or Rachel?

  • WOW~! I have always appreciated her acting — she just had something great from a very young age, and always chose totally terrific indie flicks! But somehow, she always looked like a dita wannna be waif (sp?) that just couldn’t grow up.

    I didn’t recognize her and wouldn’t have unless you had made a point of it! WOW! Gorgeous — thank goodness she finally grew up!

    Kickin’ her Marilyn Manson habit looks good on her!

  • Oh, thank God, Evan. It was getting hard to justify my love for you.

    By the way Beet, her name is Evan. Rachel is her middle name, but she tacked it on so that people wouldn’t think she was a boy :)