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Evan Rachel Wood Goes from Goth to Rocker All in a Month

photo of evan rachel wood true blood short hair black leather jacket pictures photos

Remember those hot new photos of Evan Rachel Wood from when she first hacked off her hair? Well she’s gone and changed up a little bit more, leaving her Marilyn Manson-sympathizer clothing in a Hot Topic bargain bin and opted to raid Adam Lambert‘s leather and tight pants-infested closet.

I’ve never been a ERW fan, but as I said during the last round of publicity photos: she looks SO MUCH BETTER than she has in recent years. Love or hate the hair, you can’t deny that all of this – including leaving Manson behind for good this time (I hope) – isn’t a huge, huge improvement.

It sure beats seeing her nude, at any rate.

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  • fame whore. seriously, 2 good movies out of her. Maybe she’ll go back to marylin manson AGAIN if thi doesnt get her enough publicity

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