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Mila Kunis Speaks Russian, Is Incredibly Awesome

It’s almost 6:00 AM in my part of the world. Any minute now, the roosters will start crowing (literally, they will, there’s a hen house and some roosters across the street), people in the neighborhood will start waking up to feed the horses and go to their jobs in the real world, and what am I doing? Why, I’m sitting in my pajamas, baking cookies, playing Runescape (I know), and looking up cool things to tell you about.

The coolest thing, hands down, is this video of Mila Kunis defending Justin Timberlake in beautiful Russian. Here’s the story:

It all started when a reporter asked costar Justin Timberlake the question we’ve all been wondering, why is he focusing on movies now instead of music?

(But in Russian, of course.)

Even though we find this inquiry totally harmless, the Ukrainian actress was quick to jump in Timberlake’s defense before he even got a chance to translate what was said!

“Why movies? Why not?” she said in Russian. “What kind of question is that? Why are you here?”

I just love Mila Kunis, don’t you? She’s just so sassy and so beautiful and we all know how magical it is to hear beautiful people talk in foreign languages. So good morning, world. I hope our day continues to be as delightful and as glorious as Mila Kunis!

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  • Check yourself if you’re thinking Mila looks delightful and glorious in this. To me she seemed to be indulging on an opportunity to utilize a mostly useless language. The reporter asked a proper question..what happened to JT’s singing career…

    • I agree. I usually adore Mila, but she came across as unnecessarily bitchy in this. “Why are you here?” Seriously? The reporter was just doing her job and asking what a lot of people want to know.

  • I agree, she sounded unnecessarily aggressive. I think everyone’s reaction to Justin’s role was “Why is he acting again?”

    On another note, as a native Russian speaker I can tell you her Russian was far from “beautiful.” She had a pretty distinct accent; it’s easy to tell that she’s gotten rusty over the years.

    • She moved here from the Ukraine when she was 7, I think? Was her accent distinctly Ukrainian, I wonder.

  • I liked it! It was funny. And yes, the reporter may have been doing her job, but that was a stupid question! And as much as I hate to admit this beacuse he was in N’Sync and I was totally against them as a Backstreet Boys teeny-bopper (probably shouldn’t have shared that…), I do think he’s a pretty decent actor. And he’s kinda hot. There. I said it. Sue me.