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Mila Kunis Pulls a Britney and Trashes It Up on Set

Mila Kunis Looks Like Britney Spears

Speaking of folks “pulling a Britney”, Mila Kunis was caught looking an awful lot like the trashy pop princess during downtime at a photo shoot in LA yesterday. The Black Swan actress sucked down a venti iced beverage with a familiar green straw and puffed away on a cig. Later she threw her hair up in a sloppy bun and munched on a sandwich.

These photos are a day-maker because not only do they remind me so much of the legendary Ms. Spears during her notorious 2006-2008 meltdown, but also because they reinforce what I’ve always thought about Mila: Deep down she’s kind of a trashy ho.  And I love trashy hos.

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