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Mila Kunis Pulls a Britney and Trashes It Up on Set

Mila Kunis Looks Like Britney Spears

Speaking of folks “pulling a Britney”, Mila Kunis was caught looking an awful lot like the trashy pop princess during downtime at a photo shoot in LA yesterday. The Black Swan actress sucked down a venti iced beverage with a familiar green straw and puffed away on a cig. Later she threw her hair up in a sloppy bun and munched on a sandwich.

These photos are a day-maker because not only do they remind me so much of the legendary Ms. Spears during her notorious 2006-2008 meltdown, but also because they reinforce what I’ve always thought about Mila: Deep down she’s kind of a trashy ho.  And I love trashy hos.

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  • Sooo…if a woman is seen with hair up in bun and lighting a cigarette she’s automatically a trashy ho? Really?

    • I know! Seriously! Her boobs aren’t even hanging out of her dress, and her dress goes before her knees, so you can’t say anything about what she is wearing. What is so wrong for not looking all glamed up with a 4,000 dollar shirt and 67,000 dollar shoes and hair that a hair stylist did which you pay her 1,000,000 dollars a month just so she does your hair every time you go out. I mean come on. She looks normal thank God, it’s nice to see someone that doesn’t seem stuck up with themselves. AND so what?? I smoke cigarettes and drink iced coffee in public!!! I also don’t feel like looking fancy all the time. Whats the big deal??

      • And no, I am definilty NOT trashy. I have a husband, and I’ve never even dreamt of cheating on him let alone cheated on him. And I know for a fact I don’t look trashy, otherwise my religious parents would disown me.

  • Are you kidding? Mila is gorgeous and will never look anything like trashy Britney Spears. She looks better than most on her worst day, cig or no cig.

  • why are all you guys hating? britney patented the trashy ho look with her starbucks, messy bun and cigarette. i’m a celebrity gossip lover so sorry but whenever i see a chick looking a little rough around the edges sucking a starbucks and a smoke, i definitely think britney.

    • didnt know people cant have coffe and cigarettes because thats already claim by someone else….please dont be soo fucking stupid

    • Thank you! I feel the same way! I even refer to myself as a Britney when I’m walking around lookin’ rough with a Starbucks drink in my hand. Oddly enough, I say it with love!

  • I’m a big fan of Mila’s. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her on two ocassions. SHe’s not a hoe, but shes definetly a little trashy.