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Creepy Joe Francis Confirms The Blake Lively Nudes

A photo of Joe Francis

Because if you couldn’t tell by the first round of Blake Lively nudes, and if you were still a little confused after the second batch, then of course a confirmation from creepy Joe Francis will remove all doubts. Hey, he’s seen a wide variety of naked ladies, ok?

Here’s creepy Joe’s deep thoughts on the matter:

“I would say 90 percent it’s an orchestrated attempt or act on her part [to raise her profile]. I’m not sure, but my inclination is that it’s coming from her. She knows what she’s doing or someone in her camp does. I think it’s a smart move. This will make her desirable. It’s working because it’s getting wide coverage. This may be what she needed to get her name out there. Look, mainstream U.S.A, other than the five people that watch ‘Gossip Girl’ have never heard of Blake Lively. This will catapult her into some of the top searches on some of the Internet sites which will then trigger a dramatic jump of interest in her, and therefore catapult her career.”

Creepy Joe’s got a good point – y’all are loving poor little naked Blake Lively over here – and I think he’s right.  But doesn’t that just feel so dirty to admit?  “I think Joe Francis is right,” that’s a thought I had today.  Ugh.  You guys take care of yourselves for a little while, ok, I’m going to have to go bleach my brain with Rebecca Black to get back to normal.