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Rebecca Black Pokes Fun At Herself With New Song “Saturday”


Rebecca Black is poking fun fun fun at her “Friday” hit with her new song, “Saturday”. She’s proved she can actually sing — she covered Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” and maybe I’m insane but I thought it wasn’t horrible — so I’m not sure why exactly she’s doing this, other than to try to get back on our radars and be cheeky. Because the thing is, 15 seconds in, I was ready to turn it off. The vocals are so…let’s say, classic Rebecca Black.

But unlike “Friday”, the production values are, well, existent, and it seems like a lot of thought and effort was put into this. Whether it’s supposed to be taken seriously or is supposed to be one of those “please let this go viral” videos is up for you to decide.


Oh, also, there’s a Miley impersonator:


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Rebecca Black Covers Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” — And It’s Good

rebecca black we can't stop

Rebecca Black isn’t the same “Friday” disaster you may remember. She’s been moving away from that and is cultivating a nice little image of a young girl who’s now trying to write and sing her own songs in a pop country style. In a bold move, she and singer/guitar player Jon D., covered Miley’s “We Can’t Stop”, a song known more for its outrageous lyrics and video. It’s not Black’s thing, basically.

And guess what? It’s a good cover. I think Rebecca Black kills it. I really do. She changed some of the lyrics to make it more “G-rated”, but hey, do what you gotta do.

Guys, considering where she came from, this is pretty good. You go, Rebecca!

Check it out.

Of Course Rebecca Black Has a New Song

… Because what kind of society would we be if we weren’t making untalented people famous for any other reason than to make untalented people famous? Don’t worry, though, folks—if you thought that there might not actually be a future for Rebecca Black, you’d be wrong. The little lady claims that she’s never going to stop singing. She did an interview with the Insider, and tells her “fans” that she’s here for the long haul: How do you describe Sing It?
Rebecca Black: Sing It is very summery – it’s all about letting the music in. It’s very different than anything I’ve ever released but very appropriate for summer. I hope people will want to sing this in their car as their drive!

Insider: With all the negative attention after Friday, did you ever think about abandoning entertainment?
Rebecca: No. It’s such a passion of mine, I would never give it up. The first moment it all went down [was shocking] but I never had that moment where I felt I shouldn’t be doing it. Singing has to be part of my life in one way or another.

Insider: What did you learn from the experience?
Rebecca: I learned to not let mean spirited people get to you. You have to keep doing and it doesn’t matter what people say – if you really love something, keep going and don’t let anyone stop you.

Insider: You’ve released three singles so far, is an album in the works?
Rebecca: We are working on an album, which is very exciting – I’ll be back in the studio this summer with hopes of it being out in the fall.

Insider: What can fans expect from that?
Rebecca: I’ve got some fun, dancey upbeat songs, but also some soft ballads.

And last, what, did Rebecca Black go through puberty or something? Because now she sounds like a thirty-five-year-old mom of four. On autotune. And Quaaludes.