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Rebecca Black Pokes Fun At Herself With New Song “Saturday”


Rebecca Black is poking fun fun fun at her “Friday” hit with her new song, “Saturday”. She’s proved she can actually sing — she covered Miley’s “We Can’t Stop” and maybe I’m insane but I thought it wasn’t horrible — so I’m not sure why exactly she’s doing this, other than to try to get back on our radars and be cheeky. Because the thing is, 15 seconds in, I was ready to turn it off. The vocals are so…let’s say, classic Rebecca Black.

But unlike “Friday”, the production values are, well, existent, and it seems like a lot of thought and effort was put into this. Whether it’s supposed to be taken seriously or is supposed to be one of those “please let this go viral” videos is up for you to decide.


Oh, also, there’s a Miley impersonator:


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  • It’s so annoying to me that nobody in the music industry needs to be able to sing anymore. Everyone sounds exactly the same with their fucking autotune. We are in the worst era of pop music of all time right now. Y’all rip on Rebecca Black, but I don’t think she sounds any different than Katy Perry or any other pop superstar. It’s all garbage.